How to reset TRACES Deductor password?

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TRACES Registration

TRACES means TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System. It is the online portal for administration and implementation of TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) and TCS (Tax Collected at Source). To avail of the services on TRACES, it is mandatory to register on the portal. He/She can log in to the account using user id, password, and TAN. If he forgets the user id or password, he/she has the option to reset it.

Reset User ID on TRACES
Here are the steps to reset User ID on TRACES
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Reset User ID on TRACES
Here are the steps to reset User ID on TRACES
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Steps to reset deductor password on TRACES

  1. Visit the TRACES portal

    Go to the TRACES website. The home page of TRACES will appear on screen. Click on ‘Continue’ on to proceed furtherTRACES Home Page - Deductor Forgot Password

  2. Deductor forgot password

    Click on Forgot Password > Deductor on the home page or click on Forgot Password on the login page

  3. Enter the required details

    Enter User Id, TAN of Deductor, captcha text and click on ProceedTRACES - Deductor Forgot Password - Enter User ID & TAN

  4. KYC verification

    The system auto-populates a Financial Year, Quarter and Form Type. You need to complete the KYC verification for the same. Enter the Token Number of a Regular (Original) TDS Return
    Note: Enter the Token Number manually. Do not Copy/Paste. Enter Token Number of an original TDS return and not corrected return
    TRACES - Registration_Enter Token Number

  5. Enter the CIN details

    Under Part 1, enter Challan Identification Number (CIN) details of a challan used in the TDS return:
    1. BSR Code or Receipt Number
    2. The date on which tax is deposited – enter in dd-mm-yyyy format eg: 10-Jan-2019
    3. Challan serial number or DDO serial number – 5 digit number eg: 00025
    4. Challan amount or Transfer voucher amount – enter the amount with decimal places eg: 1569.00
    5. CD Record Number – It is not mandatory to enter this. It should be filled when the same challan is mentioned more than once in the statement (TDS Return)TRACES - Registration_Enter Challan details

  6. Enter PAN amount combination for challan

    Under Part 2, enter unique PAN-Amount Combination for Challan:
    1. If there is no valid PAN in the challan details, select the checkbox
    2. PAN as in Statement – Enter the valid PAN reported in TDS Return. You can enter details of a maximum of 3 valid PANs. If there are less than three combinations, enter all combinations (one or two)
    3. Total Amount Deposited – Enter the TDS deposited for the PAN. Enter the amount with decimal places eg: 1569.00TRACES - Registration_Enter PAN-Amount details

  7. Authentication code

    The system validates the KYC information and generates an Authentication Code which is valid for the same calendar day for same form type, financial year and quarter

  8. Enter the OTP

    The registered mobile number of the Deductor will be auto-populated on the screen. You can edit the value and click on ‘Proceed’ for OTP (One-Time Password). Enter the OTP and click on Next.TRACES - Deductor Forgot Password - Enter Mobile OTP

  9. Reset your password

    You can now reset your password and click on ‘Confirm’. Success message that the password is changed successfully will appear on the screen.TRACES - Deductor Forgot Password - Reset Password

  10. Login to TRACES account

    You can now login to your account on TRACES as a Deductor with the new passwordTRACES Login Page - Deductor Forgot User Id

Login to TRACES using your deductor account
Here are the steps to login to the TRACES account as a deductor
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Login to TRACES using your deductor account
Here are the steps to login to the TRACES account as a deductor
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How can I change the password for my TRACES account?

To change the password of your account on TRACES, follow the process of ‘Forgot Password’. Click on ‘Forgot Password’ on the login page, complete KYC verification, enter the registered mobile, generate and enter the OTP. You can then create a new password. A notification intimating the change in password will be sent on email and mobile. To refer to the process in detail, refer to the article above.

I am a registered deductor on TRACES. I am getting an error message ‘Your account has been locked’. What should I do?

If you have tried to login into the account five consecutive times with incorrect login details, the system would lock the account. You should wait for 1 hour for the account to be unlocked again. The deductor can use the ‘Forgot Password’ option to reset a new password to login into the account.

How can I recover my traces user name?

To reset the username on TRACES, click on ‘Forgot User ID’ on the login screen. You need to complete the verification process by entering the challan details and PAN-Amount combinations from the TDS Return filed. 

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