What are the different refund statuses on TIN NSDL Website?

By Hiral Vakil on February 18, 2019

Refund status of an e-filed return can be checked online through following two sites:

How to check Income Tax Refund Status?

While checking the refund status online, different refund status is shown. Learn the meaning of different refund status on TIN NSDL website and the next course of action to be taken in this article:

Following are different refund status on TIN NSDL website: 


Refund Status


Course of Action


It means the refund cheque received by you was not deposited within 90 days from the receipt of the cheque.

You should submit Refund re-issue requestfrom incometaxindiaefiling login.


Refund Returned

It means when department tried to credit the refund to your bank account it failed, or when the cheque was issued to your address but did not reach you.


Submit ‘refund re-issue request with correct details.   

Refund Dispatched but not received

It means IT Department has dispatched through speed post. But it has not been received.

You can view the status of the same on India Post tracking site or contact the local post office.

Refund Processed through direct credit mode but failed

It means refund credit to an account maintained with SBI had failed due to account closer, a/c details are incorrect, a/c on hold. 

You should submit ‘refund re-issue request’. 

Refund Processed through NECS/ NEFT mode but failed

It could be due to incorrect a/c details given in return.

Submit ‘refund re-issue requestwith correct bank details.

ECS Refund advice received but bank account has not been credited

This happens when you have received an email from SBI with details of refund amount but the amount does not reflect in your bank account.

 If the a/c number, IFSC/MICR code given in the advice is correct then contact your branch and inquire.

Refund adjusted against outstanding demand of previous year

It means this year’s refund has been adjusted against outstanding demand of previous years either in-part or in-full.  

Under section 245, the tax department has full authority to adjust refund against past demand. You can contact your AO and resolve the issue.

Different refund status on Income Tax e-filing website