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How to submit refund reissue request?

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In case of refund failure, taxpayer can submit a refund reissue request on e-Filing portal upon receiving communication from CPC. The most common reasons for refund failure are:

Check Income Tax Refund Status
Track Income Tax Refund online using PAN. The Income Tax Department issues the refund once the ITR is processed. Check your ITR refund status.
Check Income Tax Refund Status
Track Income Tax Refund online using PAN. The Income Tax Department issues the refund once the ITR is processed. Check your ITR refund status.

Steps to Submit refund reissue request

  1. Visit Income Tax website

    Visit the Income Tax e-Filing website and login to your account.

  2. Go to “My Account

    Click on ‘Service RequestIncome Tax e-Filing Website - Service Request Option

  3. Select the appropriate options

    Choose the Request type as ‘New Request’ and Request Category ‘Refund Reissue’ and click on submit.How to submit refund issue request 1

  4. Select the Assessment Year

    Choose the Assessment Year for which you wish to submit the request and click on ‘Submit’. The screen would display all the prevalidated bank accounts with status validated or validated and EVC enabled.How to submit refund reissue request-list of filed return

  5. Select the Bank Account

    Details such as the bank name, account number, IFSC code, and account type will appear on the screen and the taxpayer can cross verify the same. The taxpayer should select the bank account to which the tax refund is to be credited and click on ‘Continue’.

  6. Prevalidate Bank Account

    It is mandatory to have a prevalidated bank account to receive the tax refund. If the taxpayer does not have any prevalidated bank account, they are directed to Prevalidate Bank Account screen. Enter the relevant details of the bank account where you intend to receive the refund and click on Prevalidate’  to submit the request. Once the bank prevalidates the account, the tax department would issue the tax refund in such a bank account.
    However, if the prevalidation of account fails, CPC would communicate it to the taxpayer. In that case, the taxpayer should resubmit the request for refund re-issue or prevalidation of the bank account.

  7. E-Verification

    Once you verify the bank details and click on ‘Continue’, options for e-verification appear on the next screen. Select the mode for e-verification, generate and enter the EVC or Aadhaar OTP to submit the request.

  8. Success Message

    Once the taxpayer submits the request, a success message to confirm the refund re-issue request will appear on the screen. To view the refund reissue request, go to My Account > Service Request > View Request and select the category as Refund Reissue. Click on Submit.

It usually takes 3-4 weeks to receive the refund once you submit the request.


I have received an email for refund failure for reason – PAN not linked to Bank Account or PAN name not matching with name in bank account. What should I do?

If your PAN is not linked to bank account or name as per PAN does not match with name as per bank account for refund as per ITR, follow these steps to receive your refund:
1. Ensure that bank account details mentioned in the ITR are valid
2. Link PAN to the bank account
3. Pre-validate the bank account from income tax account
4. Submit refund re-issue request from income tax account

I have e-filed my return but have not received my refund yet?

Non-receipt of the refund could be due to any of the following reasons:
1. ITR not processed yet: If your e-filed return is not processed yet, then a refund will be issued once ITR is processed.
2. Return processed and no refund: If after the return is processed, if the income tax department determined no refund is due to you.
3. ITR processed but refund not reachable: If the refund is determined but the cheque/ ECS credit could not reach you. In that case, you need to submit a request for a reissue. 

Who can submit a request for refund reissue ?

Any taxpayer to whom the refund is due can submit a request. Provided you have an account on the income tax e-filing website.

Can I submit a refund reissue request for previous years?

Yes, you can submit a request for a refund for the previous years as well. While submitting a request you need to select a relevant assessment year for which you wish to make a request.

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