Income Tax Refund in India: Types of refund status

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Once a return is filed by the taxpayer, they want to know the status of their refund. IT Department has classified different refund statuses for the taxpayer. It is important to understand the meaning of refund status. Since refund status determines the next course of action that needs to be taken by the taxpayer.   

Track ITR Refund Status
Expecting refund on your filed ITR? Check status of your refund online
Track ITR Refund Status
Expecting refund on your filed ITR? Check status of your refund online

Different Refund Status on income tax e-filing website:

Refund Status


Course of Action

No e-filing has been done for this assessment year

You have missed filing the return for that assessment year.


The paper return was filed for that year.   

File your Income Tax Return immediately. You can file your return from here.

Not Determined

IT Department has still not processed your return

Confirm if your return is filed and duly e-Verified. 

Refund Paid

IT Department has sent the refund to you. 

If you have not received a refund yet:

  • In case of direct credit to your bank account contact your bank.
  • In case of refund cheque, check out with the post department.

No Demand No Refund

This means you have claimed a refund in your return but as per the department’s calculation, you are not liable for a refund. 

In case of any error in a filed return, revise your return.


If you have received an intimation then understand the reason of difference and then file rectification return.

Refund Unpaid

Income Tax Department has sent a refund to you but either your address is wrong or bank details provided are incorrect.


Find out the reason for refund failure and then raise a refund reissue request

ITR processed refund determined and sent out to Refund Banker

The department has sent the refund details to the refund banker.

Contact your bank. 

Demand determined

Department has rejected your refund claim and raised an outstanding demand. 

Understand the notice. If you find that your own refund request was erroneous then pay the demand.


If there is a mistake made by the department, you can file a rectification.

Contact Jurisdictional Assessing Officer

Whenever the department needs some more information regarding your ITR. You receive this message.

Contact your AO via telephone, mail or post.


When can I expect IT refund?

Income Tax Department processes the refund only after processing your ITR. Generally, it takes 30-45 days from the date of e-verification of your Income Tax Return to get your refund credited.

Where will I get my income tax refund?

You will receive your refund directly in your Primary bank account. You can choose the primary bank account while filing your ITR.

What to do if my tax Refund is returned?

If your tax refund status is ‘refund returned’ then it means when ITD had tried to credit the refund to your bank account, but it failed. In such a case you are required to submit a refund reissue request.

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