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Last updated on May 5th, 2021

A Public Limited Company is a separate legal business entity having limited liability. The securities of a Public limited company are traded on a stock exchange. In order to register as a Public Limited Company, the company must have a minimum of 3 Directors and 7 Shareholders. And should also have Rs 5 Lakhs as Paid-up Capital.

Incorporation fees Calculator
Calculate Incorporation fees for Form filing, registration and stamp duty to register your business with MCA in India
Incorporation fees Calculator
Calculate Incorporation fees for Form filing, registration and stamp duty to register your business with MCA in India

Procedure to register a Public Limited Company

Follow the steps to register a Public Limited Company:

  1. Obtain a DSC of the proposed Directors of the Public Limited Company

    Obtain DSC of at least one director to sign the E-forms related to incorporation.

  2. Once a DSC is received. File Form DIR-3 with the ROC for getting a DIN if the directors does not possess DIN.

    For DIN application you will require Identity Proof and Address Proof. Every Director proposed to be appointed in the company should hold a valid DIN.

  3. Visit MCA website for name reservation/ availability.

    Click on RUN (Reserve Unique Name) under MCA Services on the MCA website.

  4. It will take you to another Portal. Now login using your MCA credentials.

    Under entity type select Public Limited Company.
    You don’t need to add CIN since it for existing registered companies.
    Enter the proposed name make sure it is not similar to the existing name.MCA-company-registration

  5. Fill in the required information.

    Click on the Auto check.
    Further, if the name matches an entry in the database, it will show an error. Once the proposed name is error-free, you need to pay a minimum amount of Rs. 1000 run the similarity test and to reserve the name.MCA-company-registration-Company-details

  6. If the proposed name is approved by the Ministry. You will receive a notification about the same on your registered email address.

    Download all the forms of incorporation on MCA Website.

  7. File Form INC-12 also known as SPICe form.

    For application of licence for Public Limited Company.

  8. File SPICe MOA and SPICe AOA.

    Upload these form on MCA Website.

Documents for Incorporation


Can a salaried person become director of company ?

Yes, there is no legal hurdle. However employment agreement may have some restriction.

What are the primary requirements for a public limited company?

Following are the primary requirements of Public Company:
– The minimum number of shareholders must be 7.
– File accounts within 6 months of the year-end.
– The minimum Paid-up share capital must be Rs. 5 lakhs.
– The minimum number of Directors is 3.

Can an NRI/Foreign National be a director in Public Limited Company? and If Yes, then what are the conditions for the same?

Yes, an NRI or Foreign National can also be a shareholder or director in a Public Limited Company of India. However, for becoming a director, such a person must possess the DIN issued by MCA.

Got Questions? Ask Away!

  1. Hello @Dixita

    SPICe+ is an integrated Web form for incorporating a company offering 10 services. Through SPICe+ (INC-32), you can apply for the name of your company, incorporation of the company, DIN of the directors, PAN and TAN registrations, PF and ESI registration of the company, GST registration, Professional Tax (only in Maharashtra), open a bank account.

    You can incorporate any kind of Company through SPICe+, whether public, private, Section-8, OPC, etc.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Hi @Krish_Krish, you can go through the following article to understand how and where to apply for the process. It shall give you clarity on what you need to do while registering. Feel free to ask if you have any other queries. Hope this helps. :blush:

  3. Is it mandatory to open a bank account with SPICe +?

  4. Hey @Dixita

    Yes, all the new companies getting incorporated through SPICe + need to compulsorily open a bank account in form AGILE PRO

    Hope this helps!

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