What is Form FiLLiP under the new process of LLP Incorporation?

By Sakshi Shah on January 30, 2020

What is E-Form FiLLiP?

Form FiLLiP stands for Form for Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership. It is the new e-form introduced by MCA to simplify the process of incorporation of an LLP.

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Here are the features of Form FiLLiP:

  1. The applicant can file Form FiLLiP after MCA approves the name under the RUN-LLP service. [Read More: How can I apply for reservation of name through RUN-LLP service?]
  2. Attach documents duly signed by the designated partners and attested by a professional. [Read More: What are the documents required for incorporation of LLP?]
  3. Fill the required information regarding the proposed LLP. [Read More: What information is required to file Form FiLLiP for the incorporation of LLP?]
  4. Submit the application for allotment of DIN / DPIN through this form. [Read More: What information is required to apply for allotment of DIN/DPIN?]
  5. Maximum of two DINs / DPINs can be allotted through FiLLiP
  6. Attach the DSC i.e. digital signature of one of the designated partners.
  7. If none of the designated partners has DIN / DPIN, the applicant can sign the form using PAN of the designated partner.
  8. A professional in practice (CA / CS / CWA / Advocate) should attest to the form.
  9. File the form electronically on the MCA Portal.
  10. File Form FiLLiP from the same account on MCA through which the applicant submitted the name reservation request under RUN-LLP service.
  11. Pay the prescribed fee based on the total amount of contribution after filing the form.
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