What information is required to apply for allotment of DIN/DPIN?

By Sakshi Shah on March 25, 2019

DPIN implies a Designated Partner Identification Number. If the designated partners of the proposed LLP do not hold a DIN / DPIN or a valid DIN / DPIN, they can apply for DPIN and incorporation of LLP together under Form FiLLiP.

DIN stands for Director Identification Number. If the promoter of the proposed company does not hold a valid DIN then they can apply for it in the SPICe incorporation form. A maximum of seven subscribers can apply for DIN allotment under Form SPICe.

How can I make an application for allotment of DIN/DPIN?

It must be noted that under Form FiLLiP, maximum 2 designated partners can apply for DIN. In the case of individual partners or body corporate partners, there is no limit to apply for DIN.

Following information and documents of each designated partner/ promoter are required:

  • PAN (Permanent Account Number)
  • Aadhar
  • Place of birth
  • Type of Occupation – Self employed / Professional / Homemaker / Student / Servicemen
  • Area of Occupation – Government / Teaching  / Others (specify)
  • Educational Qualification – select from the dropdown
  • E-mail id
  • Duration of stay at present residential address. Address of the previous residence if the duration of stay is less than a year
  • Identity Proof – Voters Identity Card / Passport / Driving License
  • Residential Proof – Bank Statement / Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill / Mobile Bill
  • The form of Contribution to LLP
  • The monetary value of the contribution to LLP
  • Number of LLP(s) in which he / she is a Partner
  • Number of the Company(s) in which he / she is a Director