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e-Campaign History : Compliance Portal

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Maharshi Shah

Compliance Portal
Last updated on June 29th, 2021

The Compliance Portal uses the campaign management approach to contact taxpayers for online submission of response. They will contact the taxpayers via e-Mail, SMS, phone calls, notices and letters to visit the compliance portal and submit reponse against the identified issues. The taxpayers will be able to access the interactions sent to them under the e-Campaign tab in the compliance portal.

Steps to View History Under e-Campaign in Compliance Portal

Compliance Portal - e-Campaign History Option

Hence, by selecting the particular year, you can view the e-Campaign history.

Compliance Portal - e-Campaign History


1. How can I view non-Filing of return case for each related information?

2. How can I download a copy of previous responses?

Once you check for response history, the PDF of previous responses is available for download. You can download the response as a PDF file.

3. What is a response history?

It is the history of all the responses received from the taxpayer.

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