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Compliance Portal : Accessing the Portal

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E-Compliance Portal
Income Tax
Income Tax Compliance
Last updated on April 14th, 2021

Compliance portal of the Income Tax Department is a dedicated portal for the following topics:

The Income Tax Compliance Portal helps in building a seamless and secured two-way structured communication.This enhances transparency and functional efficiency.

Follow the below steps to access the Compliance Portal:

Option 1:

Compliance Portal - Login

Option 2:

  1. Visit Income Tax E-Filing Portal

    On Income Tax e-Filing website Click on LoginLOGIN HERE ITD

  2. Enter your credentials and Captcha code.

    Click on Login.LOGIN TO ITD

  3. From the top bar select Compliance

    Click on Compliance portal.compliance portal ITD

  4. Click on Confirm.

    You will be redirected to the compliance portal.compliance portal confirm


Which portal will be used for e-verification?

Earlier e-verification was done on the Income Tax e-Filing portal. However, the e-verification has now shifted to Compliance portal which is a dedicated portal to enable e-verification for effective compliance monitoring and evaluation

Is it necessary to login to Compliance Portal? What happens if I don’t log in?

Yes, it is advisable to log in to the compliance portal. However if a taxpayer doesn’t log in he/she will not be able to respond to the issues raised.

What is Compliance Management?

Compliance management is the process which ensures that taxpayer complies with the obligations under the tax laws. Once a compliance issue is identified, the issue and related information is communicated to the taxpayer. This information is communicated through various communication channels such as email, SMS, letter, call, notice, etc. In such case the taxpayer is expected to submit the response in the desired format on compliance porta.

Got Questions? Ask Away!

  1. Hey @Dia_malhotra,

    Taxpayers who have received any such verification issue needs to submit a response on those issues raised. The response has to be submitted online by logging into the compliance portal.

    Hope this helps ! :slight_smile:

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