Change mobile number or email on GST Portal

By Sakshi Shah on April 2, 2020

GST Registration means allotment of a GST Number or GSTIN to the taxpayer who is liable to collect and pay tax to the government after claiming the credit of the taxes paid on purchases. In many cases, the taxpayer might want to change registration details on the GST Portal. This is called Amendment of Registration under GST.

To make any change or amendment in the details submitted during the GST(Goods and Service Tax) Registration, the taxpayer needs to identify whether it is a change in the Core Field or Non-Core Field.

What details can be changed after GST Registration?

Mobile number or email address is a Non-Core Field and can be amended from the taxpayer’s account on the GST Portal.

Follow these steps to change registered Mobile Number and Email using GST Portal :

Step 1: Log in to your account on the GST Portal

Step 2: Go to Services > Registration > Amendment of Registration Non-Core Fields

GST registration- Amendment-of-Non-Core-Fields_Navigation- GST Portal

Step 3: The application form is displayed with both core and non-core fields. The non-fields that can be amended are shown in an editable form

Step 4: Select the tab Promoter/Partner or Authorized Signatory and make the required changes

2. GST registration-Promoters-or-Partners-GST Portal

Step 5: Click on the verification tab, select the authorized signatory, enter the place and sign the application using DSC, E-sign or EVC

3. GST registration-Verification-change details-GST portal

Step 6: A success message is displayed and copy of acknowledgement is sent to the earlier registered email and mobile

Step 7: The new mobile or email is auto-populated since it does not require approval from the tax officer

Step 8: If the application is left midway, it would be auto-saved. To access the saved application, go to Services > User Services > My Saved Applications

4. GST registration-My saved applications-GST portal
How can I change my details after GST Registration?


1. How can I reset the password to login to the GST Portal in case the Primary Authorized Signatory has died or is not traceable?

In case the Primary Authorized Signatory has died or is not traceable, you need to approach relevant Jurisdictional Tax Officer to set a new Authorized Signatory in the GST Portal or to get the password for the GSTIN allotted to your business. You can check your jurisdiction in the Registration Certificate

2. Can a Jurisdictional Officer add two Authorized signatories for a single GSTIN?

Yes, a Jurisdictional Officer can add two Authorized Signatories for a single GSTIN but primary Authorized Signatory can only be one.