Download GST Registration Certificate using GST Portal

By Sakshi Shah on April 15, 2019

GST Registration means allotment of a GST Number or GSTIN to the taxpayer who is liable to collect and pay tax to the government after claiming the credit of input tax paid on purchases.

When the application for registration under GST is approved by the GST officer, a unique GSTIN is issued to the taxpayer. The GST department does not issue a physical certificate of registration. The taxpayer can download his certificate of registration from his account on the GST Portal.

How can I check the status of my application for GST registration?

Follow the step-by-step guide to download the GST registration certificate from the GST Portal:

Step 1: Login to your account on the GST Portal

Step 2: Go to Service > User Services > View/Download Certificates

Download GST Registration Certificate-Navigation

Step 3: You can view the certificate description along with the date of issue of the certificate on the next page. Click on Download.

Download GST Registration Certificate-Download

Step 4: The registration certificate is downloaded in a pdf format.

  • First page – Business details such as legal name, address, constitution, certificate issue date and other details
Download GST Registration Certificate-Reg-Certi_1st-page
  • Annexure A – Details of GSTIN, legal name and additional places of business
Download GST Registration Certificate-Reg-Certi_Annexure-A
  • Annexure B – Details of GSTIN, legal name and details of Managing Director
Download GST Registration Certificate-Reg-Certi_Annexure-B