Which GST invoice should I issue on the sale of goods or services?

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GST Invoice

Any business registered under GST holding a valid GSTIN must issue an invoice on the sale of goods or services. The GST Invoice Rules comprise a list of various types of documents to be issued depending upon the nature of registration and nature of the transaction.

List of Documents issued on the Sale of Goods & Services depending upon the nature of registration and transaction

Document typeNature of transactionNature of seller
Tax InvoiceSale of taxable goods or taxable services Regular Dealer
Tax InvoiceInvoice issued for distributing input tax credit by a Head Office (ISD) to its branches Input Service Distributor (ISD)
Tax InvoiceSale of services for transporting goods by roadGoods Transport Agency (GTA)
Tax InvoiceSale of transport services to passengerPassenger Transporter
Export InvoiceSale of goods or services to a person located outside IndiaRegular Dealer
Bill of SupplySale of exempt goods or servicesRegular Dealer
Bill of SupplySale of goods or servicesComposite Dealer
Debit NoteIncrease in value of invoice issued on saleAny Dealer
Credit NoteDecrease in value of invoice issued on saleAny Dealer
Revised InvoiceSale of goods or services from the effective date of registration upto the date of issue of registration certificateAny Dealer
Receipt VoucherWhen advance for sale of goods or services is receivedAny Dealer
Refund VoucherWhen an advance is received but no sale is made and amount is to be refundedAny Dealer
Payment VoucherWhen buyer makes payment for goods bought from an unregistered seller Dealer paying tax under RCM
Delivery ChallanWhen goods are to be transported without making saleAny Dealer


1. What is a GTA i.e. Goods Transport Agency?

A GTA is an agency that supplies services for transportation of goods by road in a goods carriage. It should issue a Tax Invoice to its customers. The tax invoice issued must be prepared as per the GST Invoice Rules.

2. Who is a Passenger Transporter?

A Passenger Transporter is a supplier who provides transportation services to passengers. It should issue a Tax Invoice or a ticket which may or may not be serially numbered and it may or may not contain address of service recipient but it must contain all other information prescribed in the GST Invoice Rules.

3. What is the difference between invoice and bill of supply?

An Invoice is a Commercial instrument issued by the seller to the buyer. It highlights information related to trading parties, items sold and other information related to the sale. When businesses registered under GST cannot charge any tax on the invoice issued by them, a Bill of Supply is issued.

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