What is a Debit Note under GST?

By Sakshi Shah on February 18, 2019

A Debit Note is a document which a seller issued when the amount of payment to be received by the seller from the buyer increases. Under GST, a seller issues debit note in the following case:

Value of the invoice increases

A seller might have made a mistake while issuing an invoice to the buyer. If there is an error while entering the price, quantity or tax amount in the original invoice, the seller can issue a debit note to make the correction. Thus, when the value of invoice increases after correction of the error, the seller issues a debit note.


Sales Invoice No.1 was issued for Rs.1000 (10 units * Rs.100). If the revised price is Rs.110, a debit note of Rs.100 (10 units * Rs.10) would be issued. Thus, the buyer is liable to pay Rs.1100 (10 units * Rs.110) to the seller.

The seller and buyer should declare the details of a Debit Note in the GST Return for the month in which the seller issues a Debit Note.

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