What is Form DIR-3 KYC?

By Sakshi Shah on April 10, 2019

KYC means Know Your Customer or Know Your Client. MCA i.e. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs introduced Form DIR-3 KYC to update the data of every existing director in its records on an annual basis. Thus, each director with a valid DIN and designated partner with a valid DPIN must file this form on a mandatory basis.

When is the Due Date to file Form DIR-3 KYC?

For Financial Year 2018-19: 15/09/2018
For Financial Year 2019-20 onwards: Every director who has been allotted DIN on or before the end of the financial year, and whose DIN status is ‘Approved’ is required to file DIR-3 before 30th April of the next financial year.

If the form is not filed within the due date, the DIN or DPIN would be marked ‘Deactivated’ by MCA and the form can be filed on payment of a fee of Rs. 5000.

What are the conditions for filing Form DIR-3 KYC?

Form DIR-3 needs to be filed if:

  • DIN or DPIN has been allotted on or before 31.03.2018.
  • Status of the DIN or DPIN is ‘Approved’.
  • Every director including disqualified directors must file Form DIR-3 KYC.
  • Enter a unique mobile number and email address for every director. It would be verified by an OTP (One Time Password).
  • The director should sign the form using his DSC i.e. Digital Signature.
  • A practising professional (CA/CMA/CS) should certify the form.

What details are required to file Form DIR-3 KYC?

  • DIN i.e. Director Identification Number
    DPIN i.e. Designated Partner Identification Number
  • Name as per PAN database
  • Father’s Name as per PAN database
  • Date of Birth (DoB) as per the PAN database
  • PAN Number and Aadhaar Number if Citizen of India
  • Passport Number if not a Citizen of India
  • Personal Mobile number and Personal Email Address
  • Permanent residential address and Present residential address


1. Do I need to file Form DIR-3 KYC if I am a Disqualified Director?

There are two conditions to file Form DIR-3 KYC:
a. MCA has allotted DIN / DPIN to the director
b. DIN / DPIN holds status as ‘Approved’
If both the above conditions are satisfied, even a disqualified director needs to file Form DIR-3 KYC.

2. Which documents can I attach as address proofs to file Form DIR-3 KYC?

  • Address proofs like passport, election (voter identity) card, ration card, driving license, electricity bill, telephone bill or aadhar can be attached
  • Proof must be in the name of the applicant only
  • Documents should not be older than 2 months in case of Indian applicant and 1 year in case of a foreign applicant