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PAN Application
Reprint PAN

Applicants can avail of the service of “Reprint of PAN Card” when a PAN card has already been allotted to them. In this case, a new PAN card with the same details as the previous PAN card will be issued to the applicant. Hence, there will be no change in the details of the PAN. If there are any changes that are to be made in the PAN card, the applicants can file a request under the “Change/Correction in PAN Card” from the UTIITSL portal.

Steps to Apply for Reprint of PAN Card

  1. Visit the UTIITSL portal.

    You have to visit the UTIITSL portal first to apply for reprint of PAN

  2. Click For PAN Cards > Apply PAN Card

    Click on the For PAN Cards > Apply PAN Card option from the dashboard.UTIITSL - Homepage Dashboard

  3. Select “Reprint PAN Card“.

    Click on the “Reprint PAN Card” option to select it.UTIITSL - Reprint PAN Card Option

  4. Click on the “Reprint PAN Card” option

    Hence, you will be given two options to choose from. Click on the “Reprint PAN Card” option if you are applying for the reprint for the first time.UTIITSL - Reprint PAN Card

  5. Enter the required details related to Identity Proofs

    Hence, we move to the application page. Enter the following details in the respective fields:
    – PAN Number
    Aadhaar Number (Optional)
    – Date of Birth / Incorporation / Agreement / Partnership or Trust Deed / Formation of Body of Individuals / Association of Persons 
    GSTIN Number (Optional)

  6. Enter the Captcha code and Submit

    Enter the Captcha code from the image given and click on the “Submit” option.UTIITSL - Application for Reprint of PAN Card

Hence, the application will be successfully submitted after the completion of the payment which is done online.


What is the fee for availing the service of “Reprint PAN Card”?

The applicants will have to pay a fee of INR 50 for the delivery to an Indian address or INR 959 for delivery to a foreign address. This fee stated above is inclusive of all taxes.

Who can avail of the facility of “Reprint PAN Card”?

The facility of “Reprint PAN Card” is available for the users only if they have submitted their latest picture and signature to UTIITSL with their application.

When should I submit the application in the form “Request for New PAN card or changes or correction in PAN data”?

You can submit the application in the form “Request for New PAN Card Or/and Changes or Correction in PAN data” in the following cases:
1. When you already have PAN but want a new PAN card,
2. When you want to make some changes or corrections in your existing PAN details

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