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Sharekhan: Create an account and Log in, Download ledger, Tax P&L Report and Contract note

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Trading Income

To understand your trading activity and the income tax compliances, you need certain documents like Tax P&L, Contract notes, Holding Statement, etc. But, before you get any of these documents you first need to have a Sharekhan Demat account and log in.

This article will guide you through the following:

How to Create and Log in to Sharekhan?

  1. Visit the Sharekhan website

    Click on Open an account. You can access it here.sharekhan open account

  2. Click on Open trading account

    As seen below:sharekhan open trading account

  3. After that, fill in your details

    -Email id
    -Mobile number

  4. Next, click on Open trading account

    As seen below: sharekhan account details

  5. Online process of account opening is completed

    Finally, the process is offline from here.thank you sharekhan

  6. A sales representative will shortly contact you

    After that, will require documents such as:
    -Self-attested PAN
    -Self-attested Aadhaar
    -Passport size photo
    -Canceled cheque or bank passbook to link with your account

  7. Finally, once your documents get processed, your account will get activated.

    You will receive a notification for the same.

8. Sharekhan login

Once your account is activated, navigate to the website and enter your user id and password and click on login.

How to download Ledger for Sharekhan traders?

Here’s how you can download the ledger from your account:

sharekhan login
sharekhan ledger
sharekhan equity ledger

How to download Tax Profit and Loss Report?

sharekhan login
sharekhan scrip summary
equity scrip summary

How to download Contract notes for Sharekhan traders?

Sharekhan Homepage
Sharekhan Login Page
Sharekhan Homepage Post-Login
Sharekhan Contract Note Tracker


How does the Tax profit and Loss Statement help me?

This statement is used to calculate your Tax liability. Therefore, it is needed to file ITR 3.

What is the difference between Trading and Demat account?

A Demat account holds securities and certificates of stocks, shares, etc electronically while a Trading account lets you buy or sell those securities in the stock market.

Is Trading Turnover same as Contract Turnover?

No. The Contract Turnover is the sum of the purchase value and sales value. It is not considered for income tax purposes. However, the Trading Turnover or Business Turnover is the absolute profit i.e. sum of positive and negative differences. Hence, this turnover is considered to determine the applicability of the tax audit and the applicable ITR form. Therefore, Trading Turnover is different from Contract Turnover.

Got Questions? Ask Away!

  1. Hey @TeamQuicko

    Thanks for the blog! Just one quick question - Why do we have to report a quarterly breakdown of Dividend Income under IFOS?

    Thank you!

  2. I had received dividend recently but I had noticed that TDS had been deducted. any idea as to why has it happened and is there a way I can claim this TDS?

  3. Hey @HarshitShah

    After the introduction of Budget 2020, dividend income is now taxable in the hands of the shareholder; and is also subject to TDS at 10% in excess of INR 5000 u/s 194 & 194K. Foreign Dividend is taxable at slab rates. TDS is not applicable to such dividends. The taxpayer should report such income under the head IFOS in the ITR filed on the Income Tax Website.

    Hope this helps!

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