How to Resubmit RUN Form?

By Hiral Vakil on January 2, 2020

As per the new process of incorporation, the name of the proposed company can be reserved through RUN Form. Resubmission of RUN Form is required when names proposed in the RUN form are found undesirable by MCA Administrator. MCA only allows one resubmission of RUN Form. 

How to apply for name reservation through RUN service?

Who can resubmit RUN Form?

An individual who has applied for name reservation through RUN from his/ her login can resubmit RUN. SRN of earlier filed RUN is required for resubmission of RUN.

What is the time limit for re-submission of RUN Form?

In case of resubmission of RUN Form, the time limit is mentioned in the email sent by the MCA Administrator. Usually, they allow 15 days time. 

Steps for Resubmission of RUN

The first step is to check the reason for resubmission and the remarks provided by the administrator. Select the new names for the company to avoid rejection and follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Log in to your account on MCA,

Step 2: Go to MCA Services > Company Services > RUN (Reserve Unique Name)

OPC_how to file RUN_Select MCA Service

Step 3: Now click on Resubmission and enter SRN of RUN Form filed,

How to resubmit RUN_Enter SRN

Step 4: Select Entity Type i.e, Type of Company. Select New Company (Others) if reserving name for Private Limited Company. Select Private (OPC) if reserving a name for One Person Company

Step 5: Enter the new Proposed Name 1 and Proposed Name 2 with a suitable suffix.

Step 6: Click on Auto Check. The system performs the primary check for the name entered and displays the message whether it is valid or invalid.

Step 7: Enter the objective of a new company in brief under Comment.

Step 8: Attach NOC or any other certification by clicking on Choose File. It is not mandatory to attach relevant documents.

Step 9: Click on Submit, a pop up with the successful submission will appear.

Once resubmission is complete. MCA will process the same. An email with name approval or rejection will be sent to you. If you are facing any issues while resubmission of RUN Form, you can connect with an expert from Quicko.

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1. What happens if the resubmission gets rejected?

You will have to make a new application in RUN again in case of rejection. And make payment of fees again.

2. What are the next steps after name approval of RUN?

Following are the steps once RUN is approved:

  • Prepare SPICe INC – 32 Form,
  • Prepare e-MOA in SPICe INC – 33 and e-AOA in SPICe INC-34 of a company,
  • Upload Linked Forms from your login.