How to resubmit RUN Form?

By Hiral Vakil on February 22, 2019

What is the re-submission of RUN Form?

As per the new process of incorporation, the name of the proposed company can be reserved through RUN Form. Re-submission of RUN Form is required when names proposed in RUN form are found undesirable by MCA Administrator. MCA only allows one re-submission of RUN Form. 

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Who can resubmit RUN Form?

Re-submission of RUN Form can be done by a person who has applied for RUN Form. SRN of earlier filed RUN Form is required to resubmit RUN Form.

What is the time limit for re-submission of RUN Form?

In case of re-submission of RUN Form, the time limit is mentioned in the email sent by the MCA Administrator. Usually, they allow 15 days time. 

What is the process of re-submission of RUN Form?

You need to check the reason for re-submission and the remarks provided by the administrator. You can resubmit the RUN Form in the following manner:

  • Log in to your account on MCA,
  • Go to MCA Services > Company Services > RUN (Reserve Unique Name)
  • Now click on Re-submission and enter SRN of RUN Form filed,
  • Provide proposed names again and your response in the comment section, also attach proofs if any required for re-submission of RUN.
  • Click on submit button. A pop up with the successful submission will appear.

If you are facing any issues while re-submission of RUN Form, you can connect with an expert from Quicko.