How can I track the status of my GST Return?

By Sakshi Shah on March 22, 2019

When the taxpayer files the GST Return, the system generates an ARN i.e. Application Reference Number. The taxpayer can track the status of the return using the ARN.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the account on GST Portal
  2. Click on Services > Returns > Track Return Status
  3. Select one of the following options to view the return status:
  • ARN – Enter the ARN of the filed return
  • Return Filing Period – Enter the filing period of the GST Return
  • Status – Select the return status from the dropdown list to view the GST Return

All the relevant details of the filed return are displayed – financial year, tax period, ARN, date of filing, mode of filing and status.

Track GST Return Status_GST Portal

The types of status of the GST Return are:

Status TypeDescription
To be FiledReturn due but not filed
Submitted but not FiledReturn validated but pending to be filed
Filed-ValidReturn filed
Filed-InvalidReturn filed but tax not paid or short paid
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