How can I download my e-filed GST Return on GST Portal?

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A taxpayer can download GST Return efiled from his account on the GST Portal.

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit GST Portal

    Log in to the account on GST Portal

  2. Navigate to Services

    Click on Returns > View e-Filed Returns

  3. Financial Year – Select the Financial Year for which the GST Return was filed

    1. Return Filing Period – Select Annual, Quarterly or Monthly
    2. Period – Select the period for which return was filed
    3. Return Type – Select the GSTR Form that you want to download
    Alternatively, if you select the financial year and search, all the e-filed GST returns for that financial year would be displayed. You can select the specific GST Return that you want to download.GST Return Dowload from GST portal

  4. You can view the Acknowledgment Number and Date of Filing of the GST Return

    To download the return, click on ‘VIEW’.GST Return Download on GST Portal

  5. The Review page of GST Return would be displayed

    Click on ‘Download Filed GSTR’ to download the GST Return in a PDF format.GST Return Download on GST Portal

How can I track the status of my GST Return?
Steps to help you track your GST Return status on GST Portal
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How can I track the status of my GST Return?
Steps to help you track your GST Return status on GST Portal
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Can I view or download my previously e-filed GST returns?

Yes, you can view and download your e-filed returns by using the Services > Returns> View e-Files Returns service from the GST Portal. However, for certain returns like GSTR-1 and GSTR-2, only a summary report of the return will be viewable/downloadable.

How do I download GST offline tools?

Visit the GST Portal and go to the ‘Downloads’ section, click on ‘Offline Tools’ and then click on the ‘GST New Return Offline Tool (Beta)’ under the options available.
An option to download the tool will be highlighted. Click on ‘Download’

How do I view an e filed return on GST?

To view your e-filed return, perform the following steps:
Login to the GST Portal with valid credentials.
Click the Services > Returns> View e-Files Returns command.

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