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IT Portal 2.0

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e-Way Bill Portal : Create Unregistered Client/Supplier Master

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Maharshi Shah

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e-Way Bill Portal
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Last updated on April 23rd, 2021

The e-Way Bill (EWB) provides its users with the option to manage their products, clients, suppliers, and transporters. This can be done by creating product masters, registered supplier/client masters, unregistered supplier/client masters and transporter masters on the system. Therefore, creating masters for the Suppliers/Clients would mean that the user wouldn’t have to enter the entire name but just the first few characters. Thus, a drop-down list will be shown with the master data already entered by the user. Hence, this simplifies the data entry. The users can also use the JSON tool available on the EWB Portal to upload the master data in the bulk format.

Steps to Create an Unregistered Client/Supplier Master on EWB

  1. Visit the EWB portal

    Visit the e-Way Bill Portal and Log into your Account. Select the “Clients” or “Supplier” option from the drop-down list of the “My Masters” option from the dashboard.e-Way Bill Portal - Dashboard

  2. GST Unregistered

    Choose the “GST Unregistered” option.e-Way Bill Portal - GST Unregistered Taxpayer

  3. Enter the required details

    Hence, enter the following details in their respective fields:
    1. State
    2. Name
    3. PIN Code
    4. Mobile Number
    Thus, click on the “Submit” option.e-Way Bill Portal - Customer Master

New GST Registration
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New GST Registration
CA Assisted Goods & Service Tax (GST) registration for startups, individuals, partnership firms and companies.
[Rated 4.8 stars by customers like you]

Hence, on the successful completion of the above steps, a success message will appear on the screen.

e-Way Bill Portal - Success Message


How does the unregistered transporter get his unique ID or transporter ID?

The unregistered transporter can register itself, he/she is required to provide essential information on the e-Way bill portal. The transporter id is created by the e-Way bill system after furnishing the information and submitting it. It is a 15 digits number on similar lines with GSTIN and it is based on state code, PAN and Check digit. This can be shared by transporter to his clients to enter this number while generating e-Way bills.

Why is it necessary to enter master data?

The e-Way bill system has an option to enter the masters of the user, i.e, client master, supplier master, transporter master, and product master. If the user creates these masters, it will simplify the generation of an e-Way bill for them. Thus, the system auto-populates the details like trade/legal name, GSTIN, address on typing a few characters of client or supplier; HSN Code, tax rates, etc., in case of product.

Got Questions? Ask Away!

  1. Hey @ViraajAhuja47

    Yes. All the registered persons under GST must register on the portal of e-way bill using their GSTIN. Once GSTIN is entered, the system sends an OTP to the registered mobile number, registered with GST Portal and after authenticating the same, the system enables you to generate your username and password for the e-way bill system.

    After the generation of the username and password of your choice, you may proceed to make entries to generate an e-way bill.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Hey @HarshitShah

    The validity period of the e-Way Bill is calculated on the basis of ‘approx. distance’ entered while generating the e-Way Bill. For every 100 KM, one day is a validity period for the e-Way Bill as per rule and for part of 100 KM, one more day is added. For example, If approx. distance is 410KMs then the validity period is 4+1 days.