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The e-Way Bill (EWB) Portal provides its users with the option to manage their products, clients, suppliers, and transporters. Hence, this can be done by creating product masters, registered client/suppliers masters, unregistered client/supplier masters and transporter masters on the system. Therefore, creating masters for the clients would mean that the user wouldn’t have to enter the entire name but just the first few characters. Thus, a drop-down list will be shown with the master data already entered by the user. Additionally, this simplifies the data entry process. The users can also upload the bulk data on to the system by using the JSON tools available on the EWB portal.

Download and Use JSON Tool
Here are the steps to download and use the JSON tool
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Download and Use JSON Tool
Here are the steps to download and use the JSON tool
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Steps to Create Registered Client/Supplier Master on EWB

  1. Visit the EWB portal

    Visit the e-Way Bill Portal and Log into your Account. Choose the “Clients” or “Supplier” option from the drop-down list of the “My Masters” option from the dashboard.e-Way Bill Portal - Dashboard

  2. Enter the GSTIN

    Choose the “GST Registered” option and hence, enter the GSTIN number in the respective field. Click on the “Submit” option.e-Way Bill Portal - GST Unregistered Taxpayer

  3. Enter the required details

    Therefore, the respective name of the GSTIN holder will automatically appear. Additionally, enter the “Business Place” and “Approximate Distance (in KM)” in the respective fields. Click on the “Submit” option.

e-Way Bill Portal - Customer Master

The following message will appear on the screen after the submission of the Customer data.

e-Way Bill Portal - Success Message

Therefore, the registered GST user can upload the Supplier/Client Master data in the above manner.


Can I upload the customer masters available in my system?

Yes, you can upload your customers (Clients/Suppliers) data from your own system into the e-Way Bill system. Moreover, this can be done by preparing the data as per the format in the tools option available on the e-Way Bill portal. And hence, you can upload the master data after logging in to the EWB portal.

What has to be entered in GSTIN column, if consignor or consignee is not having GSTIN?

If the consigner or consignee is an unregistered taxpayer and not having GSTIN, then the user has to enter ‘URP’ [Unregistered Person] in the corresponding GSTIN column.

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