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The transporters need to enroll themselves on the e-Way Bill Portal to get a 15-digit unique transporter ID. If a transporter is carrying multiple consignments of various consignors and consignees in one vehicle, then the transporter can generate and carry only one consolidated e-way bill instead of carrying multiple e-way bills for those consignments.

Moreover, the individual can Update the Transporter ID in bulk for multiple EWBs to save their time and effort. It is necessary to have the EWB bulk converter tool or the excel file in order to so. You can also use this tool to bulk update the vehicle numbers.

Bulk Update Vehicle Details
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Bulk Update Vehicle Details
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Steps to Download Bulk Generation Tool

  1. Visit the e-Way bill portal

    Visit the e-Way Bill Portal. Navigate to the “Help” section and select the “Tools” section from the drop-down list. Therefore, select the “Bulk Generation Tools” option.e-Way Bill - Bulk Generation Tool Option

  2. Download the JSON tool

    Finally, download the “Transporter Updation JSON Preparation” Tool.e-Way Bill - JSON Preparation Tools

  3. Validate the details

    Additionally, fill in the required details in the excel sheet and validate the details for correctness by clicking on the “Validate” option. Once the details are validated, click on the “Prepare JSON” option to generate the JSON file.

Steps to Bulk Update Transporter ID on the EWB Portal

e-Way Bill - Bulk Transporter Upload


How does the unregistered transporter get his unique ID or transporter ID?

The transporter is required to provide the essential information for enrolment on the EWB portal. The transporter ID is created by the EWB system after furnishing the requisite information. 

I am unable to enroll as a transporter as the system is saying “PAN” details are not validated.

This is indicating that PAN name and Number, entered by you, are not getting validated by the CBDT/ Income Tax system. Please enter the exact name and number as in the income tax database.

Whenever I try to enroll as a transporter, the system says that I have already enrolled. What should I do?

This is indicating that you have already enrolled on the e-way bill portal by providing your PAN, business, and other details and created your username and password. Please use them to Log into the e-Way Bill Account. If you have forgotten the username or password, then please use the ‘Forgot Trans id’ or ‘Forgot Password’ facility provided on the portal to recollect your username or create a new password accordingly.

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