What is CIN?

By Hiral Vakil on March 11, 2019

Company CIN (Corporate Identification Number) is a unique identification number assigned by Registrar of Companies (ROCs) functioning in various states under Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Government of India. It is used for finding primary details of companies registered in India under Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

CIN which is unique in its kind helps revealing the identity of a company, finding basic and essential information of its corporate entity. It is required to mention the same in all the communications made with Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Presently, the ministry has also mandated mentioning CIN on all the important documents and communications with any third party (e.g. Letterhead of Company).

Digits Significance Remarks
First digit Listing Status If Company is Listed it will start with ‘L’ and if Company is not Listed it will start with ‘U’
Next 5 digits Industry Code Different activities have different 5 digit codes and it is used to classify the type of company being registered.
Next 2 digits State Code It represents the state of incorporation. E.g. A Company incorporated in Gujarat would have GJ and one incorporated in Maharashtra would have MH
Next 4 digits Year of Incorporation It represents the year of incorporation
Next 3 digits Ownership It determines the nature and structure of ownership of the company. Abbreviations used in the Company CIN Code and their meaning
  • FLC: Financial Lease Company as Public Limited
  • FTC: Subsidiary of a Foreign Company as Private Limited Company
  • GAP: General Association Public
  • GAT: General Association Private
  • NPL: Not For Profits License Company
  • PLC: Public Limited Company
  • PTC: Private Limited Company
  • SGC: Companies owned by State Govt.
  • ULL: Public Limited Company with Unlimited Liability
  • ULT: Private Limited Company with Unlimited Liability
Next 6 digits Registration Number The last six numbers of the CIN is the registration number of the company issued by the Registrar of Companies.