What is Startup India?

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Nireka Dalwadi

Last updated on May 5th, 2021

Startup India Scheme is a flagship program by the Government of India, launched in 2016. The goal is to boost the startup ecosystem in India.

Under the Startup India Scheme, the government aims to promote faster growth by reducing barriers. The key focus points for the Startup India is to ease the incorporation process, increase incentives, funding support and develop incubation & accelerator centres. The Startup India scheme insists on design and innovation. The Startup India initiate is believed to change the job-seeking scenario to the job creation scenario.

To support and accelerate startups in India, many programs have been introduced. The government has started with a 19 point action plan, under the Startup India Scheme.

Who is a startup?

A ‘Startup’ under the Startup India Scheme should fulfil the following conditions:

What are the benefits of Startup India?

The Government of India provides incentives and benefits to registered startups under the Startup India scheme. Advantages available under the scheme are as follows:


Can a Foreign company register under Startup India Hub?

Any entity having atleast one registered office in India is welcome to register on the hub as location preferences, for the time being are only created for Indian states.

For how long would recognition as a “Startup” be valid ?

An entity would cease to be a ‘startup’ upon expiry of:
1. Up to 7 years from the date of its incorporation/ registration; however, in the case of Startups in the biotechnology sector, the period shall be up to 10 years from the date of its Incorporation/ registration;   
2. If its turnover for any of the financial years has exceeded INR 100 crore.

Who can register with Startup India?

An entity incorporated as a Private Limited Company, Partnership Firm or a Limited Liability Partnership can register themselves under the startup India scheme. The annual turnover of these business entities should not exceed 100 crores, and they should have been in existence for up to ten years from the date of its incorporation/ registration. Such an entity should be working towards innovation, development or improvement of products or services or processes.

Got Questions? Ask Away!

  1. Hey @Sofiyah_Valiante ,

    The following listed are the benefits of Udyam Aadhar Registration:

    1. Loans without collaterals
    2. Subsidy on Patent Registration & Industrial Promotion
    3. Overdraft facility along with Interest Rate Exemption
    4. ISO Certification Charges Reimbursement
    5. Concession on Electricity
    6. Helps in Getting Government Tenders
    7. Becomes Easy to Get Licenses, Approvals, and Registrations
    8. Get exemption under Direct Tax Laws
    9. Take Part in International fairs

    Hope this helps!