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Details to be considered while Preparing Projected Financial Statements

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Projected financial statements are mainly used to analyze the financial performance of the business. It is widely used in the field of finance where businesses wish to avail loans from the banks or NBFCs. From projected financial statements, lenders can analyse the creditworthiness, future performance and growth of the business. The meaning of “Projected” here is different from provisional or estimated. Let us understand this in detail.

Line Items to be considered while preparing projected Profit & Loss Accounts and Balance Sheet

Projected P&L Statement

The following are the main accounts:

  1. Sales Revenue
  2. Cost of goods sold
  3. Gross Profit
  4. Sales, General and Administrative expenses
  5. Depreciation 
  6. Interest cost
  7. Tax expenses 

By including all the above main factors, one can derive the Net Profit in Projected Profit & Loss statement.

Projected Balance Sheet

The following are the main accounts:

Difference between Projected, Estimated & Provision Financial Statement

Projected Financial Statements

Projected P&L and Balance sheet is prepared on the basis of projection i.e. for which period is not started. 

Estimated Financial Statements

Estimated Balance Sheet is prepared for future Data (for which the period is started but not completed) on the basis of projection i.e. for the period which already started but not completed.


Suppose, for CC limit extension or taking fresh loans,  Bank demands financial statements of current year i.e. still not completed. In such a case, on projection (on the basis of past performance) we provide to bank an estimated financial statements.

Provisional Financial Statements

Provisional financial statements are unaudited in nature. It is prepared on the basis of actual or past data i.e. for the period which is already completed.


Suppose the balance sheet is prepared for FY 2020-21 as on 31st March 2021, which is not yet finalized, but banks or financial institutions demand for the balance sheet, then we provide them with a provisional balance sheet.


What is financial statement projection?

Projected financial statements incorporate current trends and expectations to arrive at a financial picture that management believes it can attain as of a future date. At a minimum, projected financial statements will show a summary-level income statement and balance sheet.

What is the goal in projecting balance sheet?

Unlike a past balance sheet that shows a business’s actual, historical financial positions, a projected balance sheet communicates expected changes in future asset investments, outstanding liabilities and equity financing.

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