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Meeting Minutes: Share Split Procedure

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Last updated on May 1st, 2021

A company issues share certificates to every shareholder of the Company. The split of Share Certificate means dividing one share certificate into various share certificates. Once Share split is done and new share certificates are issued, an old share certificate shall stand cancelled.

Sample Meeting Minutes : Share split

A company has to call for Board Meeting for Share Split procedure to be done. The Chairman informs the Board about the Split of Share of the specific shareholder. Details of share certificate which has to be split is discussed in the Board Meeting and a resolution has to be passed regarding the same and also taken on record.

Meeting Minutes: Share Split
Meeting Minutes: Share Split
Meeting Minutes-Share Split
Meeting Minutes-Share Split
Meeting Minutes-Share Split
Meeting Minutes-Share Split


What is the split of share certificate?

The certificates include information such as the number of shares owned, the date when purchased and an identification number. When a stock splits, the company divides its existing shares into multiple shares in an attempt to boost the liquidity of the shares.

At what price do stocks split?

The company’s market capitalization, equal to shares outstanding multiplied by the price per share, isn’t affected by a stock split. If the number of shares increases, the share price will decrease by a proportional amount.

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