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Maharshi Shah

MCA Portal
Last updated on May 5th, 2021

MCA Portal users can update the personal information on the portal. These changes can be made after Registering on the MCA Portal. Along with editing the profile information, users can also change the password of their MCA account. The following details can be updated on the portal:

  1. E-mail ID
  2. Date of Birth (D.O.B)
  3. Address
  4. City
  5. Country
  6. State
  7. PIN
  8. Mobile Number

Steps To Edit Personal Information On MCA Portal

  1. Go to the MCA Portal

    Access the MCA Portal and log in using valid credentials.

  2. Click on the username.

    The Username will be on the top left corner of the dashboardMCA-Portal-Dashboard-Username

  3. Edit the details you wish to change.

    We move to the “Edit Your Personal Profile“. The personal details entered during user registration except for User ID, Name and Date of Birth are displayed in edit mode.

  4. Once the changes are made, click on “Update“.

    Check the Information and Click on Update once its verified. MCA-Portal-Profile-Details-Page

  5. Click on the “view/update mobile number” link to update the registered mobile number.

    Click on Yes option to receive the SMS from MCA about e-Filings.

  6. Enter your mobile number in the respective field.

    Finally, once the process is complete, click on Update.

Therefore, once the process is complete, a success message is displayed on the screen.


My User ID has got blocked. What should I do?

On entering wrong password for three times consecutively, the user ID gets blocked for 12 hours. After this period, it will automatically become active.

How do you inspect a document on MCA?

– Go to MCA Portal
– Go to Service > Inspection public documents > Fill the CIN of desired company
– After showing detail on MCA portal, click on first coloum and wait for payment detail
– Pay the online amount of INR 50
– Inspect the desired documents on the ‘My Documents’ on MCA Portal.
– Click Downlaod

How can I view public documents?

You can view requested public documents in the following manner:

– Login to MCA Portal,
– Go to MY WORKSPACE > Documents,
– Click on the Download button to view the documents.