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The e-Way Bill is not valid for the movement of goods or consignments without a vehicle number on it. The vehicle number can be updated by the generator of the EWB or the transporter assigned by the generator for that particular EWB. Furthermore, large-sized business houses or logistic operators having many consignments across the country can update the vehicle details in bulk via the e-Way Bill Portal. The bulk EWB option can also be used to generate bulk e-Way Bills.

There are two methods to generate the bulk vehicle number request:

  1. You can download the JSON template and update the file with the required details or,
  2. You can download the excel template and converter tool to convert the template into a single JSON file
Bulk Generate EWB
Here are the steps to generate EWBs in bulk
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Bulk Generate EWB
Here are the steps to generate EWBs in bulk
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Steps to Update the Vehicle Number in Bulk

  1. Visit the EWB portal

    Visit the e-Way Bill Portal. Navigate to the “Help” section on the dashboard and select “Bulk Generation Tools” under the “Tools” section under the drop-down list.e-Way Bill - Tools Section

  2. Bulk Generation Tool

    Select the “Vehicle Number Updation JSON Preparation” option.e-Way Bill - Vehicle Number Updation JSON Preparation

  3. Validate the details

    Once the template is downloaded, fill up the details and validate the file by clicking on the “Validate” button in the excel sheet. Thus, if no errors are displayed, click on “Prepare JSON.”

  4. Log in to your account

    Moreover, navigate to the “e-Way Bill” option from the dashboard and select the “Update Vehicle-Bulk” option.e-Way-Bill-Dashboard

  5. Upload the JSON file

    Thus, click on “Choose File” and upload the JSON file.e-Way Bill - Update Vehicle Details (Bulk)

  6. Update the vehicle details

    Finally, click on the “Generate” option to update the vehicle details for the EWBs.e-Way Bill - Generate Option


If the vehicle, in which goods are being transported, having an EWB is changed, then what is required to be done?

The e-way bill for transportation of goods should always have the vehicle number that is actually carrying the goods. There may be a requirement to change the vehicle number after generating the e-way bill or after the commencement of the movement of goods, due to trans-shipment or due to breakdown of the vehicle. In such cases, the transporter or generator of the e-way bill can update the new vehicle number in Part B of the EWB.

Can the EWB entry be assigned to another transporter by authorized transporter?

The authorized transporter can assign the e-way bill to any enrolled or registered transporter for further transportation of the goods. Subsequently, the new transporter can only update the Part-B of the EWB.

How to handle a situation where the goods having an EWB has to pass through transshipment and through different vehicles?

Some of the consignments are transported by the transporter through transshipment using different vehicles before it is delivered to the recipient at the place of destination. Hence for each movement from one place to another, the transporter needs to Update the Vehicle Number in which he is transporting that consignment in part B of the EWB.

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