How to Generate Bulk EWB on e-Way Bill Portal?

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The EWB system provides a method to generate multiple e-Way Bills in one-go by the taxpayers or transporters. Individuals can also Bulk Update Vehicle Details. The following are the prerequisites for generating bulk EWBs:

  1. Registration on the EWB portal
  2. Availability of the invoice/challan/bill related to the consignment of goods
  3. The EWB JSON template or EWB bulk converter or the excel template, to be updated for the particulars.

There are two methods of preparing the data file for uploading on the portal to generate bulk EWB.

  1. You can download the JSON template and update the file with the required details or,
  2. You can download the excel template and converter tool to convert the template into a single JSON file
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Steps to Generate Bulk EWB

Follow the below steps after the updated JSON file is ready for upload.

  1. Visit the EWB portal

    Visit the EWB Portal and log in to the account. Navigate to the “e-Way Bill” option on the dashboard and click on “Generate Bulk” from the drop-down list.e-Way Bill - Generate Bulk Option

  2. Upload and generate

    Select the saved JSON file from the system and click on “Upload and Generate.”e-Way Bill - Bulk Upload and Generate EWB Page

  3. Generated EWBs

    After processing the JSON file, the system generates EWBs in a list as shown below:e-Way Bill - List of Generated EWBs

You can copy the listed EWB numbers and date of generation and paste the same in a document saved on your system for further action. The errors will appear if there any, against each EWB entry. Make the appropriate corrects accordingly and process the application again.


What is the bulk generation facility and who can use it?

Users can upload multiple invoices and generate EWBs at one go. This facility is for the taxpayers or transporters who have automated their invoice generation system. They can prepare bulk requests for EWBs in a file from their automated system and upload it on the common portal and generate the EWB in one go. This avoids duplicate data entry into the EWB system and avoids data entry mistakes too.

How to use the bulk generation facility?

The individual has to prepare the EWB requests through the JSON file. This can be done by either uploading the JSON file directly from the automated system or by using the excel-based bulk generation tool available on the portal. The invoice and other details need to be entered as the format and JSON file can be generated. This JSON file needs to be uploaded on the portal for generating multiple EWBs.

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