Documents required for Income Tax Return filing in India

By Hiral Vakil on April 15, 2019

Income Tax Return or ITR forms are different on the basis of income source. Certain documents of the taxpayer are mandatory to file ITR.
Other documents required may differ based on the income situation. These documents are not required to be submitted to the IT Department while filing the return. Since ITR is an annexure-less form. However, if a taxpayer receives a notice from the ITD
such documents may be required to be submitted.

ITR Forms, TDS Certificate, Tax Credit Statement and Filing

List of Basic Documents required for filing ITR:

Following are the basic documents mandatory to file an ITR in India:

  • PAN (Permanent Account Number)   
  • Aadhar Number
  • Form 26AS
  • Bank Account Details
  • Challan of any advance tax or self-assessment tax (if paid during the year)
  • Details of the original return (if filing a revised return)
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For Salary Income/ Pension Income

Following documents are required from taxpayer having salary/ pension income:

  • Form 16
  • Salary Slips (If form 16 is not available)
  • Pension Statement / Passbook
ITR for Salaried Individuals View Plan

For House Property Income

Following documents are required to determine when rental income is earned by a taxpayer or there is a home loan. These documents will help determine the correct deduction and income from house property.

  • Property Address
  • Rent Agreement
  • Co-ownership details in case of co-owned property
  • Municipal Tax Receipts
  • Form 16A if TDS is deducted on rental income
  • Home loan repayment certificate/ Interest Certificate from the bank
  • Pre-Construction Interest Details
ITR for Multiple House Properties View Plan

For Capital Gains Income

When an individual sells any movable or immovable property a Capital Gain arises. It also includes the sale of shares and securities.

  • Sales and Purchase deed, stamp duty valuation in case of sale of the land/ building
  • Details of Improvement cost.
  • Details of expenses incurred on the transfer of capital assets
  • Proof of cost of the asset, cost of improvement and sales receipts in case of movable assets
  • Details of investment made to claim exemptions
  • Capital Gains Deposit Account details if any
  • For shares & securities- Trading statement/ Stock Ledger/ Contact Notes
ITR for Gains from Sale of House / Property View Plan

For Business and Professional Income

Following are the documents required to file the return if you are earning any income from Business and Profession during the year:

  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement
  • Bank Account Statement/ Passbook
  • Supporting documents for expenses incurred
  • Cash Register
  • Any other documents required to maintain the books of accounts of the business & profession
  • Audit Report in case the profit from the business is less than 8% of the Total Turnover.
ITR for Proprietors with Professional Income View Plan

For Income From Other Source

Any income which does not fall under any of the above heads of income, in that case, it will come under the head Income From Other Source.

  • Total Interest income earned from savings/ current account
  • Interest certificate from deposits/ Bonds/ NSC
  • PPF Account Statement/ Passbook
  • Dividend Warrants/ counterfoils
  • Proof of details of receipt of any other incomes
  • Rent Agreement in case of let out machinery
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For Tax Saving Investments (Section 80)

One can invest in some of the tax saving investment schemes to save taxes and claim a tax deduction. Following are the documents that come in handy for tax saving investment made:

  • ELSS/ ULIP/ NSC investment details
  • PPF account passbook/ statement
  • Life/Medical Insurance Receipts
  • Details of Tax Saving FD
  • National Pension Scheme investment details
  • Senior Citizen Saving scheme investment details
  • Donation Receipts
  • Children Tuition Fees Paid Receipts
  • Repayment Certificate for home loan/ education loan
  • Certificate from specified medical authorities in case of disability
  • Receipts/proof of any other tax saving investment/contributions

For Foreign Income and Foreign Investments

  • Details of foreign income and taxes deducted on the same
  • Details of Assets held outside India including the foreign bank accounts.
ITR for Residents with Foreign Income View Plan
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