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GST Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) - Create an Account

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Laxmi Navlani

Last updated on April 22nd, 2021

The registration mechanism to create an account for the GST taxpayers on Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) for the e-invoice system is a simple process. If a taxpayer is already registered on the e-way bill portal, he/she can use the same login credentials to Log-in to E-Invoice system. If a taxpayer is not registered in the EWB portal then he/she can register on the e-invoice system by creating a fresh account using the GSTIN and registered mobile number.

Once a user enters the URL address of the E-Invoice System in his browser, the below screen will be displayed.

e invoice page

Who must register for E-Invoicing?

From 1st April 2020, every GST registered person whose aggregate turnover in a financial year exceeds Rs.100 crore from the supply of goods/services to a GST registered person (B2B) is required to get registered under e-invoicing.

The e-invoice implementation under GST was on 1st April 2020. However, as per the 39th GST Council meeting, Government has pushed the implementation deadline to 1st October 2020

Moreover, To ensure that businesses get enough time to adapt to the new system of electronic invoicing, the GST Council has approved the introduction of e-invoicing in a phased manner. The introduction will be on a voluntary basis, to begin with.

Steps to create an Account on IRP

GSTN has opened up registration in the E-Invoicing portal for Taxpayers with over 5 Crores turnover. Taxpayers can create an account in the E-Invoicing Portal in the following manner.

  1. Visit e-Invoice Portal and Click on Registration

    If a taxpayer is registered on the e-way bill portal then the taxpayer can use the same login credentials to login onto the e-invoice portal directly. Otherwise, the taxpayer should register on this portal and should have a GSTIN and mobile number registered with the GST system.

  2. Enter GSTIN

    Once you click on Registration, Below screen will open up and there you need to enter GSTINEnter GSTIN to Create an Account

  3. Fill GST Details

    A form will get open wherein after entering GSTIN certain details will be auto-populated like the applicant’s name, trade name, mobile number, etc. In case, you want to change this information, you should click on ‘Update from GST’ on the common portal. It will pull the latest information from the GST common portal. Below is the e-invoice registration form:
    e invoice registration form

  4. Click on ‘Send OTP’

    You will receive a one-time password on the contact number submitted in the previous step. Click on ‘Send OTP’ and click on OK on the confirmation window. Then, Enter the OTP and click ‘Verify OTP’ to verify the same.

  5. Provide your preferred username

    Lastly, enter the Username and Password for the E-Invoicing portal.
    Then Click on Create & your Login credentials are ready.
    Moreover, The username should be 6 to 15 alphanumeric characters and unique. Upon successful submission of the request, the system validates the data and creates a username along with the password which can provide access to the e-invoice system.

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If the applicant is already registered on the GST portal, does he needs to again register on the e-invoice portal?

Yes, even if a person is registered on the GST portal, he needs to again register on the e-invoice portal. But, if he is registered on the e-way bill portal, he need not register on the e-invoice portal.

For how long will the generated e-invoice be available on the government portal?

After the validation of an invoice by the IRP, it will be available for the taxpayers on the e-invoice system for 24 hours.

Can a seller upload the e-invoice on a bulk basis?

Yes, a seller can bulk upload the e-invoices with the help of API.

Got Questions? Ask Away!

  1. Hey @Rakesh_Sharma

    One must have 3 copies of Supply of Service and 2 for Supply of Goods.

    For Supply of Service:

    1. Original for Recipient
    2. Duplicate for Supplier

    For Supply of Goods:

    1. Original for Recipient
    2. Duplicate for Transporter
    3. Triplicate for Supplier

    Hope this helps!