Which information needs to be filled in Form STK-2 for strike off under FTE?

By Sakshi Shah on March 25, 2019

A Non-Operative Company making application for strike off under the Fast Track Exit Mode i.e. FTE needs to file Form STK-2.

What is the process for strike off of a company under FTE i.e Fast Track Exit Mode?

Here is a list of information required while filling Form STK-2:

  1. Basic information of the applicant company. It is available on the MCA Portal.
    • CIN i.e. Corporate Identification Number
    • Date of Incorporation
    • Objects of the company as per the MOA ( Memorandum of Association)
    • Description of the last business activity carried on by the company
    • Status i.e. listed, delisted, registered with SEBI / NBFC / IRDAI
    • DIN i.e. Director Identification Number of all the directors [Which Companies can apply for strike off under FTE?]
  2. Date of passing special resolution passed for removal of the name.
  3. Date of the board resolution authorising a director to sign the form.
  4. The company should attach documents duly signed by the directors and a practising professional. [Which documents are required to make application for strike off under FTE?]
  5. Membership Number of the practising professional attesting Form STK-2.