Which information is required to file SPICe Form for incorporation of Company?

By Hiral Vakil on May 6, 2019

The new process of incorporation of company can be divided into two steps:

  1. Name approval of the proposed company in RUN Form,
  2. Incorporation of company through SPICe form.

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Below is the list of information required while filing SPICe Form:

  1. Basic information of the proposed company, if the proposed name of the company is already approved by the registrar of companies, details can be prefilled from SRN of RUN form filed for name approval:
    • SRN of RUN Form
    • Address of registered office of the company
    • Phone and email of the company
    • Main division of industrial activity of the company based on its business activities. [How can I apply for reservation of name through RUN service of MCA?]
  2. Details of subscribers cum Directors:
    • Number of first subscribers of the proposed company having valid DIN.
    • Details of first subscribers for allotment of DIN.
    • Total monetary value of contribution by all the directors in the company.
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  3. Details of proposed name or approved name if RUN not filed:
    • Proposed or approved name.
    • Significance of words in the proposed or approved name.
    • Names of vernacular languages used in the proposed or approved name.
    • If the proposed name is based on a registered trademark or a pending trademark application, details of the trademark or the pending application are required.
  4. Details of Payment of Stamp Duty:
    • Stamp duty payments if any paid against Form, MOA or AOA.
    • Mode of payment of stamp duty, total amount of stamp duty paid, Name of vendor or Treasury or Authority, Registration number of vendor, Date and place of purchase of stamp paper.  
  5. PAN and TAN application of proposed company:
    • Information such as AO Code, AO Type, Range code, AO No. to be given for PAN and TAN application of proposed company.
    • Source of Income also needs to be mentioned.
  6. Investment Particulars:
    • If any investments are to be made by the proposed company then the details of the same can also be mentioned in SPICe Form.
    • Proposed Amount of investment in Land, Building, Plant & Machinery is required to be mentioned in form.  
  7. SPICe forms needs to be Digitally signed by the director of the proposed company and declaration and certification by practising professional member i.e, CA, CS, Cost Accountant or Advocate is required.