How to Download TDS Return Preparation Utility (RPU)?

The deductor needs to file TDS/TCS Returns on a quarterly basis. The Income Tax Department has notified file formats for the preparation of TDS and TCS statements/returns. Hence, the NSDL e-Gov has developed a software called an e-TDS/TCS Return Preparation Utility (RPU) to facilitate the preparation of e-TDS/TCS returns.

Steps to Download Return Preparation Utility

  1. Visit the TIN-NSDL portal.

    Click on Services > e-TDS/e-TCS option from the dashboard.

  2. Click on e-TDS/e-TCS RPU.

    From the e-TDS/e-TCS option located on the left side.

  3. Click on the “Download RPU Version 3.0” link.

    The versions are modified from time to time. So make sure to have latest version of RPU.

  4. Extract the files

    The file downloaded is a zipped file.

  5. Open the “TDS_RPU_3.0.jar” which is the executable jar file.

    From the list of files in the folder.

  6. Click on the “OK” option to access the utility.

    Start filling the details to prepare TDS Return/Statement.


1. Is there any software available for the preparation of e-TDS/e-TCS return?

NSDL e-Gov has made available a freely downloadable Return Preparation Utility for the preparation of e-TDS/TCS statements. Additionally, you can develop your own software for this purpose or you may acquire software from various third-party vendors.

2. What is the current RPU version for the preparation of e-TDS/e-TCS statements?

Return Preparation Utility (RPU) version 3.0 is to be used for the preparation of e-TDS/TCS regular and correction statements pertaining to Financial Year 2007-08 onwards.

3. What is TDS Return Form 26Q?

Form 26Q is for Non-Salary Deductions. Form 26Q is used to file TDS details of payments other than Salary. The form also mentions the total amount that is paid during the quarter and the TDS amount that has been deducted.