MCA DSC Settings

Ministry of Corporate Affairs mandates the authentication of electronic forms that are to be uploaded on the MCA portal. The Digital Signature Certificate facilitates the purpose of authentication. DSC verifies the identity of the signer. Whether it is an incorporation form like SPICe+ or any compliance-related form, before uploading on MCA, it needs to be signed using DSC.

However, It is experienced that when the director or professional attaches their DSC on the forms, it results in an increase in the size of forms. As a consequence, MCA shows an error while the user tries to upload forms. In this article, we will discuss this issue and consider the MCA DSC requirements.

Requirements to consider while affixing DSC

Before uploading the form on the MCA site person must check that the size of the form does not exceed the limit of 6400KB. If the size crosses the limit, MCA will not accept the upload of forms. MCA has prescribed system requirements to be taken into consideration before affixing DSC as well as requirements for usage of DSC.

System requirements for usage of DSC

While using the DSC the person must possess the following

  • Desktop Browser : Internet explorer 10+ / Chrome 49+ / Firefox 45+
  • DSC should be of class 2 or class 3 obtained by an authorized DSC provider.

Steps to optimize the size of form using MCA DSC settings

While a person affixes DSC on the form, the size of the file gets increased which leads to unacceptance of the form by MCA. The person affixing DSC should follow the following MCA DSC settings requirements before affixing DSC.

  1. Open the PDF

    Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat DC.

  2. Go to preferences

    Click on ‘Edit’ and select the preferences option. The preferences box will get open.

  3. Click on signature.

    From the options in the right panel, select ‘signature’. The Digital Signatures page will get displayed. In the Creations and Appearance tab, you will see the ‘more’ option. Click on it.

  4. Deselect

    Under the ‘when signing’ deselect the option of ‘Include signature revocation status’.

  5. Download and sign

    Now download the form again and proceed with attaching DSC on the forms. Registration of DSC on MCA is compulsory before attaching DSC on forms to be submitted with MCA.


What will be the consequence in case the size of the form exceeds the provided limit?

The document that you are uploading on MCA site will not be accepted by MCA in case the size of form increases the prescribed limit.

What is the maximum limit for a file while uploading it on MCA site?

The size of the file that you are uploading on MCA should not exceed 6400KB.

While uploading forms on MCA, it showed an error that DSC is not registered on MCA Portal. How can I register DSC with the MCA portal?

To register the DSC on the MCA portal, visit the MCA portal and click on ‘Associate DSC’ under the MCA services Tab. Select the applicable role for associating DSC. Enter the details and select the certificate. At last, click on submit. A confirmation message will get displayed on the screen on successful submission.