Upload linked e-forms on MCA Portal

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has introduced a new form for the incorporation of companies named SPICe+. This form has increased the significance to understand the procedure to upload linked forms. This form has five linked forms including SPICe+, Agile Pro, MoA, AoA, and INC9.

MCA defines a proper sequence while filling and uploading the linked forms. Once the forms are filled and signed by directors and professional, the User needs to upload the forms on the MCA portal. In this article, we will read learn the procedure to upload linked forms on the MCA portal.

Points to consider while uploading linked forms

  • Before uploading the e-forms, the user must ensure that the forms to upload are properly signed and dated along with consideration to system requirements prescribed by MCA.
  • However, if the user does not fulfill the above requirements, it can lead to failure to upload the forms.
  • A person can upload a maximum of 10 linked forms on MCA.
  • Furthermore, Consider the proper sequence while uploading the forms as prescribed by MCA. For example, if the case is of incorporation of a company, the sequence will be:-
    • SPICe+
    • MoA
    • AoA
    • Agile pro
    • Form INC9

Procedure to upload linked forms on MCA Portal

In case of MCA filing, the person needs to upload the forms on MCA Portal. Furthermore, uploading of linked forms on the MCA portal needs to be done through the following steps

  1. Login MCA

    Go to the MCA Portal and login into your MCA account.

  2. Select upload e-forms

    Click on MCA services. Under e-filing select the option ‘Upload e-forms’. A screen to upload forms will get displayed.

  3. Linked forms

    Click on normal forms/ Resubmission SRN as the case may be. Select linked forms.

  4. Add more linked forms

    Click on the ‘Add more linked forms’ option to add more linked forms. A User can add maximum of ten linked forms.

  5. Browse the file

    Click on Browse and select the forms that are to upload. Ensure the sequence is right while uploading the linked forms otherwise, it will show an error on upload.

  6. Upload forms

    Click on Upload to upload all the linked forms.

  7. SRN generation

    After the pre scrutiny check happens and after the successful upload, SRN will get generated for the uploaded forms. However, if there is an error in upload, MCA will show a box containing an error on the screen.

  8. Payment

    After successful upload of the forms, proceed to make payment. Once the payment is successful, the receipt will get generated.


How many maximum linked forms can I upload on MCA?

You can upload a maximum of ten linked forms on MCA site at a time.

How will I get to know that are linked forms uploaded successfully or not?

If your forms are uploaded successfully the SRN will get generated for forms over the screen. However, if forms are not uploaded successfully, the screen will show a box showing errors in the upload.

What are the errors that MCA shows while uploading linked forms?

The common error that is shown while uploading linked forms is that linked forms are not in the proper sequence. It will also show you the sequence to be followed while uploading the linked forms. Apart from that, it will also show an error if DSC attached on the form is not registered with MCA or not affixed properly.

If I have submitted and uploaded all the linked forms of SPICe+ for the incorporation of my Company and the payment for PAN and TAN has been made while the payment for stamp duty is pending, should I consider my forms upload successful?

Once you upload the forms, SRN will get generated if there is no error. It means that the upload is successful. Then it will redirect you for payment. In your case, if PAN and TAN payment is made, it takes time sometimes for clearance of payment. You can track the SRN on MCA and can proceed further for payment of stamp duty.