CAMS – Consolidated Capital Gains Statement

When an investment (e.g. Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Real estate), is sold, the profit part of the sale value is called Capital Gains. In such a situation, capital gains are taxable in the year they are realized or in the financial year when you made the sale.

Therefore, in order to assess the tax liability and file the tax returns correctly, the taxpayer needs to know about their earnings from the capital gains during the financial year.

This information is generally contained in a Capital Gains statement for their investments. If you are investing in Mutual Funds in a non-Demat form there are multiple ways to get your Capital Gains statement for the financial year. In this case, we will discuss the method to get the consolidated capital gains report from CAMS.

Investors investing via more than two platforms and/or investing offline as well can make use of the consolidated Capital Gains statement mailback service provided by RTAs like CAMS and KARVY.

What are RTAs

SEBI approves intermediaries such as The Registrar and Transfer Agents. They handle the back-office operations of Mutual Funds so that Mutual Funds can focus on the investment management and other avenues.

The two exceptions to CAMS and KARVY are Franklin MF and Sundaram MF who have their own RTAs. Instead of getting the Capital Gains report from individual Mutual Fund companies, you can also get reports from the RTAs which will contain information of Capital Gains of all the Mutual Fund companies they work with respectively.

If you don’t have any investments with Franklin or Sundaram, you only need to get the Capital Gains report from two places – CAMS and KARVY.

Steps to Download Consolidated Capital Gains Statement from CAMS

  1. Go to CAMS Investor Mailback Services  

    Go to the CAMS online webpage. Click on the option to accept T&Cs and then click on “Proceed.”

  2. Realized Gain Statement

    Click on the realized gain statement option.

  3. Enter the required details

    In the case of the time period – choose the default option of the current FY and previous FY.
    Enter the e-mail ID registered in the investment folios.
    Moreover, PAN is optional but if you provide your PAN number then it will also include those investments under your PAN where you may have not registered your email id.
    Lastly, select “All Funds” and “e-mail an encrypted attachment” for the delivery option.

  4. Consolidated Capital Gains Statement

    Enter the password for encrypting the mail. It’ll take approximately 30 minutes until you receive the mail once you submit the form.

You will receive two Capital Gains Statement files in the mail. One for the current FY and one for the previous FY. Typically you would use the previous FY statement since you would be filing returns in June/July for the previous FY. Moreover, both the files can be opened with the same password you had set in earlier.

Sample CAMS – Capital Gains Statement


What are the pre- requisites for using myCAMS?

– Common email id registered across investor’s Mutual Fund investments, serviced by CAMS
– High-speed internet connection in your PC or hand held devices.

Can I change my address, contact numbers and bank mandate on myCAMS?

No. Due to investor data security reasons such facilities are not offered on myCAMS mobile App. Investor need
to submit a request written request at the CAMS Investor Service Center for the same.

What are the upcoming features in myCAMS?

– Notifications messages on transaction confirmations, KYC verifications, etc
– Alerts on Corporate Actions, forthcoming Dividend declarations, current NFOs

CAMS : Services, Features & Consolidated CAMS Statement

What is CAMS?

Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) is a SEBI agency under the R&T (Registrar and Transfer) category. It is a platform providing with technology-enabled services and processing related solutions to mutual fund houses as well as investors. It facilitates in building up an interactive and user-interactive delivery model to investors.

What does CAMS do?

Computer Age Management Services is under the collective ownership of NSE Investment Ltd, HDFC Group, Warburg Pincus LLC, and Acsys Investment Private Ltd to provide a variety of services. Below are a few services which it provides:

  • KYC verification & validation
  • System integration with bank
  • Online transaction through MY CAMS app
  • Redemption & payout settlements
  • Customer service
  • Record Management Services
  • White label Call center
  • Brokerage computation & payout
  • Data management
  • Processing of transactions
ITR for Capital Gains from Investment in Stocks
CA Assisted Income Tax Return filing for Individuals and HUFs having long term and short term Capital Gains / Loss from investing.
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ITR for Capital Gains from Investment in Stocks
CA Assisted Income Tax Return filing for Individuals and HUFs having long term and short term Capital Gains / Loss from investing.
[Rated 4.8 stars by customers like you]

CAMS has myCAMS an online application for the convenience of the investors. Using this, you can make a single Login User ID. However, the validity of the login credentials you generate will have only 48 hours. This is because the information you give is confidential and sensitive. Therefore, if you delay beyond two days, you will have to start the whole process again.

How does CAMSonline work?

myCAMS is an online portal of CAMS. Here investors can easily retrieve their mutual fund statements by providing their PAN and registered email id. The user needs to access the ‘Mailback Services’ in order to get the statements.

Investors can find the details of NAV & the fees by scheme name in the app. The realized gain statements show data about long-term and short-term capital gain. Further, the Consolidated Account Statement shows details of all the mutual fund holdings of the person which are invested over multiple mutual fund houses, over a given period of time. It is a very popular mechanism to keep a track record of all the investments. However, they do not have any legal authorization to offer mutual fund recommendations or even distribute funds.

Features of CAMS

  • QUALITY: CAMS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified establishment. It is generally famous for its stringent quality check policies. Therefore with the help of six sigma levels of quality, they set up 50 lakh accounts annually.
  • Risk Management: CAMSonline follows a self-determining risk management method. For example, it regularly manages every possible operative risk with customized software to steady outcomes.
  • Access: CAMS has more than 250 locations with expanding plans. Their high reach has helped manufacturers to reduce expenditures. Which further eliminates the need to spend on in-house infrastructure. Thus you can visit CAMS service centers for infrastructure installation and maintenance service post the purchase.
  • Confidentiality: Customer info at CAMS is highly protected due to the sensitive nature and a matter of security. In order to ensure the security of customer’s information, the data is used only to serve customers. Further the access is restricted to only the rightful owner.
  • Technology Driven: CAMS promotes locally developed technology solutions. That is on par with international standards leading to fast distribution and adaptability. In addition, IT infrastructure of CAMS has the capability to support over 1 crore transactions per month.
  • E-KYC Facility: CAMS provides E-KYC to the investors online and via mobile app. It is an instant and cost-free facility. Further, this provides the investor to complete their KYC online without any hassle.
  • Portfolio Mapping: Under CAMS service all the mutual funds that the investor has invested in are mapped to your investment portfolio. Therefore it is important to provide the same email ID for all your investments to ensure correct mapping.
  • Single User-Id: Once you register yourself under CAMS online service, you can use the registeration details all your future mutual fund transactions.

CAMS Online Registration Process

Registration through CAMS online

  • Click on ‘New User Registration’ to create a new user.
  • In the ‘New User Registration screen’, enter the registered email id and captcha. Further, click on Submit.
  • On successful completion of the registration process, a confirmation box is displayed on the screen.
  • New User Registration confirmation mail is sent to the user registered email id, along with the login credentials.
  • You can use this user id and password for the initial login in myCAMS ‘User Login’ screen.
  • Furthermore, when you log in for the first time, it will navigate to the ‘Change Password’. You can set your password.
  • Users may now re-login to myCAMS with the user id as the registered email id and the new set password.

Registration through myCAMS App

  • Download myCAMS mobile app from Google Play Store or iTunes app store and install the same.
  • Click on Register Now.
  • Enter your registered email id in the ‘New Registration screen’ .
  • Click on Submit.
  • You will receive a confirmation email along with the login password.
  • In the login screen of myCAMS mobile app, enter your registered email id as User ID and the login password received.
  • Click on ‘LOGIN’.
  • Change your password as per the instructions before proceeding.
  • Re-login to explore myCAMS services.
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Import Your Trades

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India’s fastest growing Tax Filing Platform

[Rated 4.8 stars by customers like you]

Process to get Consolidated Account Statement Online

In order to download your account statements from Asset Management Companies (AMCs) for your mutual funds investment, follow the below given steps:

  1. Visit CAMsonline website.

    Click on “Investor Services” on the home page of Camsonline website.

  2. Click on CAMS

    Consolidated Account Statement – CAMS + KFintech + FTAMIL

  3. Select the Statement Type, Date, Folio Listing, Email ID, PAN (Optional)

    Now enter the Password, Verification code, and click on “Submit”.

  4. You will receive a mail from Camsonline.

    In order to open and view the file, you need to provide the password which you had previously created.


What should I do if some of my folios are missing in myCAMS user login portfolio valuation?

If in case any of your folios missing in the myCAMS login, please ensure that your email id is updated in all your Mutual Fund investments serviced by CAMS.

What is a Consolidated Account statement (CAS)?

Account Statement is a single account statement that consolidates financial transactions. Further, It consists of all the mutual fund holdings of the person which invested over multiple mutual fund houses.

What happens if there are no financial transactions in a particular folio for the month?

CAS will include only the folios with financial transactions and hence these folios will not reflect in the statement.