Authenticate Notice Issued by ITD

The Authenticate Notice/Order issued by Income Tax Department service is available to both registered and unregistered users of the e-Filing portal as a pre-login service to verify the authenticity of a notice, order, summons, letter or any correspondence issued by Income Tax Authorities.

Process to Authenticate Notice/Order Issued by ITD

  1. Visit the e-Filing portal

    Go to the e-Filing portal and scroll down and click on Authenticate Notice / Order issued by ITD.

  2. Select from the options provided to authenticate the notice/order

    Following are the options provided:
    PAN, Document type, Assessment Year, Date of Issue and Mobile Number
    – Document Identification Number and Mobile Number

  3. Selecting the first option

    Select PAN, Document type, Assessment Year, Date of Issue and Mobile Number.

  4. Enter the required details

    Next, enter the details in the PAN, select the document type and assessment year, enter mobile number and date of issuance and click on continue.

  5. Enter OTP

    Enter the OTP received after the completion of step 2.

  6. Validation of OTP

    Once the OTP is validated, the document number of the notice issued along with the date of issue of the notice will be displayed.
    * In case  no notice was issued by ITD, it will display a message – No record found for the given criteria

  7. Selecting the Second Option

    Select Document Identification Number and Mobile Number.

  8. Enter the required details

    Next, enter the document identification number and mobile number and click on continue.

  9. Enter OTP

    Finally, enter the OTP received after the completion of step 2.

  10. Success Message

    You will receive the following message after the completion of the procedure.


Why do I need to authenticate notice/order issued to me by Income Tax Authorities?

Every communication by ITD issued on or after 1st October, 2019 shall bear a unique Document Identification Number (DIN). In order to satisfy yourself that the notice/order or any communication received by you is genuine and issued by Income Tax Authority, you can authenticate any notice/order or any communication using this service.

What if the ITD notice/order does not bear a DIN?

In such case, the notice/order/letter received by you would be treated as invalid and shall be non est in law or deemed to be as if it has never been issued. You do not need to take any action or respond to such communication.

Do I need to enter the same mobile number as registered on the e-Filing portal to authenticate my notice?

No, it is not mandatory to enter the mobile number registered on the e-filing portal to authenticate the notice/letter or any communication issued by Income Tax Department. You may choose to receive OTP on any mobile number which is accessible to you by entering it in the ‘mobile number’ field.