Reprocess the ITR : e-Filing portal

Once you file an income tax return, the IT Department processes your return and sends an Intimation comparing the figures as reported in the ITR and as computed by the IT Department.

There are 2 possibilities in the Intimation :

  • Computation of Income & Tax as reported in ITR match with figures computed by the IT department.
  • There is a mismatch in the figures in ITR filed and figures computed by the IT department.

Types of Mismatch in Intimation

  • Mismatch in Tax credit.
  • Advance Tax mismatch.
  • Clerical error
  • Higher Demand of Tax than reported.
  • Less Refund of Tax than reported.

If the assessee does not agree to some clerical/arithmetical error in intimation issued, then assessee can opt for Reprocessing of his ITR form on Income Tax e-filing portal

Steps to Reprocess the ITR

Follow the below given steps to Reprocess ITR:

  1. Go to Income Tax E-filing Portal

    Login using valid credentials on Income Tax e-Filing portal

  2. Click on e-file on the Dashboard

    And select “Rectification” from the drop-down list.

  3. Select the Order/Intimation from the drop-down list you want Reprocess

    And click on “Continue”.

  4. Select “Only Reprocess the Return”

    From the drop-down list in Request Type.

  5. Click on “Submit” and your request will be submitted.

    On successful submission, a return will be sent to CPC for “Reprocessing”.

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When can Request for “Reprocessing the Return” can be submitted?

Rectification Request for Reprocessing ITR can be filed only for the returns which are already processed by the CPC, Bangalore.

Can rectification request be filed online?

Yes, rectification request must be filed online on e-filing portal mandatorily.

How many times a request can be submitted for any particular ITR?

Rectification Request can be submitted only once for any particular ITR.

What is Due Date for filing the Rectification Request?

The due date for filing rectification request is 31st March of the relevant assessment year of the period for which ITR is filed.

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