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Reasons for delay in Income Tax Refund

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Most of the taxpayers in India awaits the time when he/she gets the tax refund. The government of India proceeds the refunds after you have filed the tax returns. Taxpayers should file ITR in order to claim a refund of income tax on account of excessive deduction of tax at source or payment of advance tax or self-assessment tax. Many a time there can be a delay in income tax refund. There could be various reasons for not getting the Income Tax Refund including inaccurate information uploads, incomplete filing, wrong bank transactions, etc.

Check Income Tax Refund Status
Track Income Tax Refund online using PAN. The Income Tax Department issues the refund once the ITR is processed. Check your ITR refund status.
Check Income Tax Refund Status
Track Income Tax Refund online using PAN. The Income Tax Department issues the refund once the ITR is processed. Check your ITR refund status.

Reasons for delay in income tax refund

Sr. No. Refund Status Meaning Action to be taken



Refund not determined Or Your return is pending for processing with the Assessing Officer

Refund request under process. The delay could be at 2 levels:

  • The IT department is taking time to process your request
  • The IT department has already processed but there is a delay at the bank’s end
Make sure that your ITR is E-verified within 120 days from the date of e-filing. If already E-verified you should wait, and check the status after some days
2. Incorrect Account Number provided
The bank account number mentioned at the time of filing your return is wrong
You can make a Refund Reissue request with the correct account details
3. Mismatch in the TDS/TCS claimed This happens because of a mismatch in Form 16 or Form 26AS and TDS/TCS claimed File an online response by logging into the income tax portal or file a revised return
4. ITR processed but submit rectification request This generally happens because of a mismatch in assessee and Tax Department calculations
Check details in intimation received u/s 143(1). Action to be taken accordingly: To submit an online response or file a revised return
5. Defective Return u/s 139 (9) Your return was incomplete or improper Login to your Income Tax India Online account and check for detailed reasons
6. A return submitted but not E-verified You have successfully filed your ITR. But e-verification of the same is still pending E-verify your ITR
7. Return processed and tax demand determined After processing your return the tax department is of view that you should still pay some taxes You can check details in intimation received u/s 143(1) and if not satisfied reply online or make the due payment
8. No Demand No refund found It means your ITR has been duly processed and there was no refund due Check details in intimation received u/s 143(1) and respond accordingly
9. Refund adjusted against Demand You had a refund payable but the same has been adjusted against some taxes payable for previous years Check notice you must have already received u/s 245 in this regard

To know more about when the income tax refund becomes due, how to claim it, you must read out the guide on Income Tax Refund Status.


If I have paid excess tax, how will it be refunded to me?

The excess tax can be claimed as refund by filing your income tax return (ITR). After your return is processed and provided the tax department accepts your refund claim, the amount claimed as refund would be credited back to your bank account

What should one do in case of discrepancies in actual TDS and TDS credit as per Form 26AS?

In such a case, the taxpayer may not be able to claim the credit of the correct TDS. Hence, the taxpayers are advised to confirm the tax credit appearing in Form 26AS and should reconcile the difference if any. If a discrepancy is due to the deductor, then he may file a TDS/TCS correction statement and correct the same.

How to claim a refund for TDS deducted due to late PAN submission?

Your employer can file the “Correction Statement” and provide your PAN information. In this case, you have to file IT return even if your income is below the tax slabs.

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