PSARA License Registration Procedure

What is the PSARA license?

PSARA License is a mandatory requirement for an agency to deploy security guards and engage in Security related services. Private Security agencies who provide security services including training of security guards need to be registered under the Private security agencies regulation act, 2005.

Documents Required to Obtain PSARA License

The documents you would need to provide are as following:

  1. Identity proofs of the directors and employees (Aadhar Card)
  2. Address proof of the office of the agency
  3. The affidavit obtained under Private Security Agencies Regulation Act
  4. Logo of the agency
  5. PAN Card of promoters
  6. Two photographs of the promoters
  7. Details of registration obtained from the Service tax department
  8. Certificate under the Shops and Establishment Act
  9. ESI Registration
  10. Provident fund registration
  11. Affidavit of the security training
  12. Armed license
  13. Character certificate for employees
  14. Copy of Income Tax Return of each director
  15. Company incorporation certificate
  16. Signed Memorandum of association with the training institute
  17. Lastly, the details of the security guards

Registration Procedure for PSARA License

  • Qualifying Documents
    • The initial step to apply for a PSARA License is to assemble every single important enrollment, for example, Pan Card, TAN Number, GST, PF, ESI, Registration of foundation under Shops and Establishment Act, ITR of each chief, and so forth.
  • MOU With A Training Institute
    • Subsequently, the candidates to go into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a training institute or organization as sanctioned by the state controlling jurisdiction with the motive to impart training to the security guards. Each state has perceived different security preparing establishments for this reason.
  • Police Verification
    • An application for police confirmation is recorded in Form – I by the candidate, and on the off chance that the candidate is a firm, organization or some other relationship of individual, then separate check structure will be petitioned for each, accomplice or chiefs.
  • Application Filing
    • The PSARA application is recorded before the controlling authority of PSARA, which is then prepared for check. After receipt of the NOC from the concerned Police specialists, controlling authority may either concedes the License or rejects with an explanation.
  • Time For Issue Of PSARA
    • The time to finish the procedure for grant of PSARA License is inexact of 60 days from the date of documenting the PSARA application. An application for a License can also be made for a locale or five areas or a state. However, the application procedure is distinctive for each state.
  • States Of PSARA Licence
    • The PSARA determines the criteria, capability, and preclusion for a security watch. Furthermore, the candidate must connect with bosses to regulate crafted by security watches. An individual from the military, naval force or flying corps with at least three years of experience must be given inclination.

PSARA License Fees

The fees for obtaining PSARA License for private security agencies {PSA} operating at various places are as following:

  • INR-5000 for PSAs operating in one district
  • INR-10000 for PSAs operating in two districts
  • INR-25000 for PSAs operating in the entire state

However, The Government fee for Karnataka is Rs 50,000, for the entire state.

Punishment for not having Valid License

Any Person who not hold a valid License under PSARA shall be Punishable with Imprisonment for a term which may extend to One Year, or with Fine which may extend to Twenty-Five Thousand Rupees, or also with both. As a result, all the private Security agencies must obtain license under PSARA 2005 to operate his business all over India .


Is procedure for grant of PSARA Licence differs from state to state?

Yes, Though the Indian Parliament passes the main Law regulating the private security business as The Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005. However, it provides that every state or union territory shall appoint its controlling authority and frame rules and procedure for making application for the grant of the PSARA Licence

What About FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in Private Security Agency Business?

FDI of 46% is allowed in Private Security Agency Business under the company or LLP form of business organization.

Can a Foreign Company apply for PSARA License?

No, a foreign company is not eligible to apply for PSARA License in India, however, FDIs are allowed.

Got Questions? Ask Away!

  1. Trade License is a license or permission issued by a municipal corporation granting permission to carry on a particular business at a particular address. It ensures that the citizens are not adversely affected by health hazard and nuisance by the improper carrying of trade.