MCA : RUN (Reserve Unique Name) for Company Incorporation

MCA started an initiative to provide Ease of Doing Business in India. As a part of this initiative, MCA introduced RUN service. RUN can only be filed after you login on MCA Portal. Hence you either need to create an account on MCA Portal or Login to your MCA portal account to reserve the company name. In the process of company incorporation, apply for the name of the company through RUN service of MCA Portal.

RUN can be used for the following purposes:

  • To Reserve the name of New Company
  • To Change the name of any Existing Company
Private Limited Company (PLC) Registration
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Private Limited Company (PLC) Registration
Need help for Incorporation of Company? Let an expert help you
[Rated 4.8 stars by customers like you]

Types of Company who can apply for name using RUN on MCA

Following are the type of companies who can use the RUN form on MCA to reserve name for Company Incorporation:

  • Producer Company,
  • Unlimited Company,
  • Private (OPC),
  • IFSC Company,
  • Section 8 Company,
  • New Company (Others),
  • Part I Section 8 Company,
  • Part I LLP to Company,
  • Nidhi Company,
  • Part I Firm to Company,
  • Part I Others.

While filing the RUN you can propose 2 names. While adding the names it is mandatory to add Suffix. Following are the suffix allowed for the above-mentioned type of companies in RUN:

Company Type Suffix Allowed Example
New Company (Others) Limited / Private Limited XYZ Limited
ABC Private Limited
Private (OPC) (OPC) Private Limited DEF (OPC) Private Limited
Producer Company Producer Company Limited GHI Producer Company Limited
Unlimited Company Unlimited JKL Unlimited
IFSC Company (IFSC) Limited / (IFSC) Private Limited / IFSC Limited / IFSC Private Limited MNO (IFSC) Limited / MNO IFSC Limited
PQR (IFSC) Private Limited / PQR IFSC Private Limited
Section 8 Company i.e, Trust Other than ‘Private Limited / Limited / (OPC) Private Limited’ STU Electoral
Nidhi Company Nidhi Limited VWX Nidhi Limited
Part I Section 8 Company Other than ‘Private Limited / Limited / (OPC) Private Limited’ ABC Education Institute
Part I LLP to Company Limited / Private Limited DEF Limited
GHI Private Limited
Part I Firm to Company Limited / Private Limited/ Unlimited JKL Limited
MNO Private Limited
PQR Unlimited
Part I Others N/A N/A

Rules to select proposed name of Company

  • Name must be unique,
  • The name shall not be identical or resemble too nearly to the name of any existing company or LLP, you can check the company name from here,
  • The name shall not be a registered trademark, you can check out the registered trademark from here.

Information Required to file RUN for Company Incorporation

  • Type of the company,
  • Two proposed names for the company,
  • The objective of the proposed company,
  • NOC for the proposed name if applicable,
  • CIN / LLPIN of the existing entity in case of a change in the name of an existing company,
  • SRN of RUN in case of Resubmission of RUN.

Steps to file RUN Form for Company Incorporation on MCA

  • Login to your account on MCA Portal
  • Go to MCA Services > Company Services > RUN (Reserve Unique Name)
  • Enter the required details and click on Submit
  • Make the payment of Rs.1000
  • Use SRN to track the status of name approval

Fees and Validity of RUN

Fees of INR. 1,000 is payable at the time of submission of RUN. An approved name is valid for a period of:

  • 20 days from the date of approval in case of a New Company,
  • 60 days from the date of approval in case of an Existing Company.

Post Submission Process

Once RUN is submitted along with fees. SRN (Service Request Number) gets generated. You can track the status of your application through the SRN so make sure to save it. Challan for payment of fees also gets generated. An email will be sent to your registered mail id once an application gets processed. An application can be approved or rejected by the MCA.

Reasons for Rejection of RUN

Rejection happens when names proposed in RUN form are found undesirable by MCA Administrator Following are the common reasons for rejection of RUN:

  • Proposed name resembles the name of an already registered company,
  • The proposed name includes the word for which Trade Mark is registered by someone else,
  • The proposed name is a name of a registered partnership firm and NOC is not attached with RUN.

In case of Rejection of RUN, you can Resubmit the RUN Form. Resubmission needs to be done within 15 days from the date of rejection of RUN.


Who can file RUN to reserve name?

Any individual who wishes to incorporate a new company can file RUN to reserve a name. The only prerequisite is to have an account on MCA Portal. You can either create a new account or use your current account to file RUN.

I want to incorporate Private Limited Company which Entity type should I select in RUN?

You need to select the New Company (Others) from the dropdown list. And while entering name add Private Limited as a suffix.

Can I change the name of my LLP while converting it into Private Limited Company?

No. You can start the conversion of LLP into a Private Limited Company by using RUN. But the LLP name and proposed company name should remain the same.

Got Questions? Ask Away!

  1. Hi @Dixita

    To change the name the, first, the existing company needs to reserve the name through ‘RUN’. After the name is approved, e-Form MGT-14 needs to be filed for alteration of AoA and MoA and lastly INC-24 for approval of Central Government for change of name.

    You can read more about reserving the name of a company here:

    Hope this helps!

  2. Hello @rahulchavan

    In order to incorporate an LLP, you are supposed to file the form FiLLiP. SPICe+ forms are only to be filed in case you’re incorporating a Company. Since you have applied for the name ending with “LLP”, you can not file SPICe+ forms.

    You cant apply for name of an LLP and go for incorporating a Company or vice versa.

    Also, at the time of name reservation, the forms for LLP and Company are different. An LLP’s name is reserved using RUN LLP whereas a Company’s name is reserved using SPICe+ Part A.

    Hence, you can go ahead with the approved name and file form FiLLiP. DPIN (Designated Partner Identification Number) will be allotted through this form and you don’t have to file any separate form

    Here’s an article that will help you understand the process: Form FiLLiP for LLP Registration | Learn by Quicko

    Hope this helps!

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