MCA Portal: Suspend Professional User or Company Representative

The Director/Director partner user can authorize a professional user or a Company/LLP Representative to work on behalf of the Company/LLP. The Director can also suspend such Users on the MCA Portal who work on behalf of the Director.

Steps To Suspend Professional User or Company/LLP Representative

  1. Go to MCA Portal

    Firstly, access the MCA Portal and log in using valid credentials.

  2. Click on the “Suspend Professional User” link.

    Alternatively, click on the “Suspend Company/LLP Representative” link.

  3. Click on the Company/LLP name which you want to suspend as a user

    A list of the companies will be displayed. Select the company/LLP you wish to suspend.

  4. The User ID associated with the Company/LLP is displayed.

    Click on the user ID you wish to suspend.

  5. Click on “Suspend.”

    an E-Mail is sent to the user stating the suspension to work for the company.


How can I view public documents?

You can view requested public documents in the following manner:

– Login to MCA Portal,
– Go to MY WORKSPACE > Documents,
– Click on the Download button to view the documents.

Can I get a copy of the filed financials of a company for the previous year?

Yes. Financials of the company are attached to AOC-4 eForm of company. Use Get Certified Copy service of MCA for it. Select Document Category as Other Attachments and select Year of Filing of eForm and not a financial year while creating request.

How do you inspect a document on MCA?

Follow these steps in order to view Documents on the MCA Portal.
– Go to MCA Portal
– Go to Service > Inspection public documents > Fill the CIN of desired company
– After showing detail on MCA portal, click on first coloum and wait for payment detail
– Pay the online amount of INR 50
– Inspect the desired documents on the ‘My Documents’ on MCA Portal.
– Click Downlaod

Got Questions? Ask Away!

  1. Hi Sharif,

    Since you do not have the required documentation for resubmission, you need to ask the company to provide the same or create a request on MCA Portal for a Scanned copy of the same if already submitted on MCA Portal. You can refer to our following article for the same:

    How to make request for Scanned Copy of Document on MCA Portal?

    Hope this helps