MCA Portal : Enquire DIN Status

It is mandatory to obtain DIN (Director Identification Number) for every director of a company. DIR-3 or SPICe INC-32 can be used for making an application for DIN. The only director with approved DIN Status can act on behalf of a company. You can know the DIN Status through Enquire DIN Status on the MCA Portal.

Steps to Enquire DIN Status on the MCA Portal.

  1. Go to the MCA Portal

    Access the Click on MCA Services > DIN Services > Enquire DIN Status

  2. Enter the DIN of a director

    Enter the DIN of a director you wish to enquire and click on Submit.

  3. DIN Details will be shown

    Details such as Director’s name, DIN Status, Date of approval will be shown.

In the case of Deactivated DIN, the reason for deactivation will also be displayed.


How can I know the status of my DIN applied through DIR-3?

You can know the status of your DIN using Enquire DIN Status service of MCA Portal.

How to activate DIN if it has been deactivated due to non-filing of DIR-3 KYC?

You need to file DIR-3 KYC with penalties and once it will be processed by MCA. Your DIN status will be active again.

What does director of ACTIVE non-compliant company mean?

It means you are also a director of a company who has not filed INC-22A form with MCA. In that case, you can ask the company to file INC-22A with a penalty to become active compliant again.

How to solve discrepancy in DIN-PAN details?

The user will be shown the details as per PAN database when DIN details are not matching with PAN database, Only those fields which are not matching. You can file DIR-6 and update the Income Tax PAN details to solve the discrepancy.

Got Questions? Ask Away!

  1. Hi Sharif,

    Since you do not have the required documentation for resubmission, you need to ask the company to provide the same or create a request on MCA Portal for a Scanned copy of the same if already submitted on MCA Portal. You can refer to our following article for the same:

    How to make request for Scanned Copy of Document on MCA Portal?

    Hope this helps