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The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) wants the companies and LLPs in India to comply with the COVID-19 form for the safety of all of us in such an alarming situation.

This form has a few simple steps concluding that the company is in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines including work from home policy. The deadline to submit this form is on 30th March 2020.

Steps to file the COVID-19 form on MCA Portal:

  1. Go to MCA Portal

    Visit the MCA Portal i.e. official website for ROC compliances

  2. Navigate to COVID-19

    Go to MCA Services > COVID- 19 and login to your account with valid credentialsMCA COVID-19 FORM

  3. Select CIN or LLPIN

    Select CIN in case of a Company and select LLPIN in case of an LLP

  4. Enter CIN or LLPIN

    Enter the CIN / LLPIN Number. Click on Pre-fill and all your registered information will be automatically loadedMCA COVID-19 - Enter CIN or LLPIN

  5. COVID-19 Guidelines

    Read the COVID-19 guidelines and click on Yes or No MCA COVID-19 - COVID-19 Guidelines

  6. Select Authorised Signatory

    Select an authorized signatory of the company/LLP i.e DIN/PAN/membership number

  7. Enter DIN / PAN / Membership Number

    As per what you have selected in the above mentioned step enter your DIN/PAN/Membership number. Click on Pre-fillMCA COVID-19 - Authorised Signatory

  8. Enter mobile number for OTP

    Fill your registered mobile number for OTP. Click on Send OTPMCA COVID-19 - Send Mobile OTP

  9. Enter OTP, Verify OTP and Submit

    Enter your OTP once received. Click on Verify OTP and SubmitMCA COVID-19 - Enter OTP

  10. Success Message

    A pop-up thank you message will be displayed. Your COVID-19 form is now completedMCA COVID-19 - Success Message


What is the purpose of the COVID -19 form by MCA?

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has made COVID- 19 form mandatory for companies and LLPs in order to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus disease. All companies and employees should comply with the guidelines from time to time as a precaution.

Is there a penalty for not filing COVID-19 form?

No. There are no such penalties levied by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) for non-filing of COVID-19 form.

Is it mandatory to file COVID-19 form?

No. It is not mandatory to file the COVID-19 form. The form is built to measure the readiness of the companies to deal with COVID-19.

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