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State Code is a numerical code assigned to each state and union territory for easier identification. The GST Portal accepts the codes from the defined list of State Codes only. Thus, you must identify the correct GST State Code.

When is State Code used under GST?

Under GST, each State and Union Territory is identified by a unique Code called State Code. It is used in the following cases:

  1. GSTIN– The first two digits of the GST Identification Number denotes the State Code of the state in which the taxpayer has obtained registration.
  2. CGST, SGST, IGST – If the state code of seller is the same as state code of place of supply, CGST and SGST are charged. If the state code of seller is different than state code of place of supply, IGST is charged.

List of GST State Codes

State Name State Code
Andhra Pradesh 37
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 35
Arunachal Pradesh 12
Assam 18
Bihar 10
Chandigarh 04
Chhattisgarh 22
Dadar and Nagar Haveli 26
Daman and Diu 25
Delhi 07
Goa 30
Gujarat 24
Haryana 06
Himachal Pradesh 02
Jammu and Kashmir 01
Jharkhand 20
Karnataka 29
Kerala 32
Lakshadweep 31
Madhya Pradesh 23
Maharashtra 27
Manipur 14
Meghalaya 17
Mizoram 15
Nagaland 13
Odisha 21
Pondicherry 34
Punjab 03
Rajasthan 08
Sikkim 11
Tamil Nadu 33
Telangana 36
Tripura 16
Uttar Pradesh 09
Uttarakhand 05
West Bengal 19
Other Territory 97


I am an Exporter. Which State Code should I enter in GST Return?

An exporter supplies goods or services outside India. The Place of Supply would be the location of the buyer. Since the buyer is located outside India, the exporter should select GST State Code 97 – Other Territory to enter details in GST Return.

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