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  1. Hi @emmy

    You can make a Refund Reissue request with the correct account details.

  2. Hi @shashank_udupa, Any excess tax paid on LTCG/STCG will be given as refund. Refund cant be claimed otherwise.

  3. I have submitted my ITR two months back, and I have to receive around 40000 in a refund. I want to know when it will be processed.

  4. Hey,

    Income Tax Department issues the refund only after processing your ITR. Generally, it takes 30-45 days from the date of the e-verification of your Income Tax Return to get your refund credited. Make sure that you have e-verified your ITR since the ITD does not process your return until it is verified.

    You can track your Income tax refund status using this tool.

    Learn more about types of Income-tax refund status.

  5. Hi ,
    I had received an ITR refund last year(and some interest on it) , do we have to include the refund amount(or the interest earned on it) of previous year in current ITR filing for FY21-22, asking this since there is a field "From IT refund " under Income earned from interest. Kindly let me know if this is the case or can I leave it blank. Please explain in a detailed manner if possible . Thanks
    in advance

  6. Hey @Sheirsh_Saxena

    Interest on Income Tax Refund is a taxable income under the head Income From Other Sources (IFOS). You need not report the amount of tax refund. However, the interest amount must be reported under IFOS and is taxed at applicable slab rates. Further, the amount is reflected under AIS i.e. Annual Information Statement too. You should verify the amount and enter the same in your income tax return to avoid tax notice for mismatch.

  7. In the AIS(for assessment year 2022-23) the mentioned amount is 28540, how much of it is interest, where do I check it. The refund amount is mentioned for the assessment year 2021-22 , as “ECS (direct credit to bank account)”. SO what amount should I mentioned is it the complete 28540, or only interest component on it

  8. Hey @Sheirsh_Saxena

    The difference in the amount of refund claimed in the ITR and the refund issued by the ITD is the interest on income tax refund. Alternatively, the breakdown of refund and interest is also reflected in Form 26AS available on the income tax website.

  9. But in my form 26AS , Part D - Details of Paid Refund is empty

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