Form 27A: Online TDS Verification Form

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What is Form 27A?

Form 27A is a simple form containing a summary of quarterly e-TDS/TCS return. The deductor must sign it and fill it in a paper along with a return at the nearest TIN Facilitation Center. It has particulars of deductor/collector, total amounts of TDS/TCS. Furthermore, it also has particulars related to total tax deposited against the total number of deductees or party records.

The TDS/TCS file validation Utility (FVU) generates the form after successful validation of the return. Filing a separate form for each e-TDS/TCS statement is important.

Instruction to fill Form 27A

While submitting this form, one should ensure that:


Who should sign Form 27A?

It is the summary of the TDS/TCS return. It has to be signed by the responsible person who is designated to sign the same.

How to verify TDS return using Form 27A?

It must be signed and filed in a paper by deductor along with a return at the nearest TIN Facilitation Center.

What is the time limit for filing revised TDS return?

31st of subsequent month of Quarter is due date to file return. If you revise within due date of normal filling then no interest or penalty. If on reveision after due date a liability is raised then such liability needs to be paid with interest and penalty.

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