Edit Profile Details on Income Tax portal

Taxpayers should register themselves on the incometax.gov.in i.e Income Tax Portal, since you can access documents, communications with the ITD etc.

Once you have registered yourself on the Income Tax Portal, you might have some updates such as email id, contact number, address, etc.

Steps to Edit Profile Details on incometax.gov.in

  1. Login to the incometax.gov.in

    Log on to the income tax portal using your PAN/Aadhaar and OTP/Password.
    Navigate to ‘My profile’ tab

  2. Edit and Update the contact details

    You will be redirected to the Profile section. Click on Edit and update the necessary details.


What happens if I don’t register on the incometaxefiling platform?

The user cannot e-file the Income Tax Return without registering on the portal. Also, services like Viewing 26AS Statement, status of Income Tax Return, File Rectification, Refund re-issue request, etc, cannot be availed.

Will my account get locked if I enter an incorrect password?

Yes, the account will get locked after entering 5 unsuccessful passwords. The account can be unlocked by contacting the helpline number. 

Got Questions? Ask Away!

  1. Hi @Dia_malhotra

    ITD have launched the portal yesterday night. Due to heavy traffic some of the features are not working properly. It will be resumed soon.

    Stay tuned with us. Will update you with every feature new portal has!

    In the meantime, you can check out all the features in the below post

  2. Hi @Niral_Koradia, this can help

  3. Hi, @Nireka Thank you for your response. Is there any place where it announces whether it has been completed or not? I’m wondering about the last date of the filing.

  4. @Niral_Koradia, we are expecting it around mid-August. The last date of filing ITR when Tax Audit is not Applicable for AY 2021-22 is 30th September 2021.

    You can follow us on Twitter to get updates about new releases and ITR filing

  5. HI @Nireka Hope you are doing well ! Do you happen to know the status for enabling E-Filling ? Is it still pending from ITD side or from quicko’s technical side ?

  6. Hey @Niral_Koradia, the ITD has published the schemas for Income Tax Return and you will be able to prepare the ITR on Quicko. However, we are still awaiting APIs that are required to enable ITR filing from ITD. ITR filing will be soon enabled on Quicko.
    Stay tuned for all the exciting product feature updates next week!

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